Super B-Daman Fighting Phoenix

I finally caved and bought a B-Daman from the OS Gear subline. This toy is one of the few that comes with the titular OS Gear included.

According to some Japanese collectors, the Outer Shell System addressed customizability limitations inherent to the older Bomberman-shaped Super B-Daman toys, and allowed the use of completely original B-Daman designs. Equipping an Over Shell Gear provided mounting points for attaching parts like barrels and magazines to the B-Daman at that time.

The customizability aspect was refined by the Plug In System which moved the mounting points to the B-Daman itself, eliminating the need to use an OS Gear. It also freed up size and shape limitations that came from having to design B-Daman that hitherto had to fit inside the confines of an OS Gear. Later on, the Plug In System was updated to the Plug In Extend (PI-EX) System which separated the core from the body of the B-Daman and introduced separately-sold add-on parts to turn them into “Perfect Form”, sort of like the DLC nonsense that’s going on with video games these days.

Enough rambling, on to the toy itself.

IMG_6097 - Copy

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SH Figuarts Horse Orphnoch

This is another exclusive that came along with my War Machine order and even though I really liked 555’s suit design I wasn’t sure if I was going to spring for all the bad guys. Since this guy is a main character I thought it would be excusable.

IMG_6649 - Copy

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Super B-Daman Combat Phoenix

Protagonist B-Daman tends to be power-type and in the Super B-Daman series, power is a whole different level without the constraints of child safety laws. This particular toy is the fourth iteration of the protagonist’s B-Daman and uses the improved Plug In Extend (PI-EX) System.

IMG_5753 - Copy

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