V B-Da Armor B-Da Caliber

Sorry for the brief post for this week as I didn’t lump these pictures together with last week’s post. I might have the spelling for this guy wrong because I’ve only seen it written in Japanese.

IMG_6791 - Copy

Chris Whiter, Chris Blued and Chris Greaver are similarly sized to one another.

IMG_6792 - Copy

Here’s Chris Blacker in the picture; he’s about twice as tall and large compared to the other three toys.

IMG_6747 - Copy IMG_6770 - Copy IMG_6793 - Copy IMG_6699 - Copy

Here are the individual toys in their combiner forms. The clear parts from Chris Blued and Chris Greaver go onto the combiner mode helmet.

IMG_6794 - Copy

Everything is slapped together to form B-Da Caliber.

IMG_6795 - Copy

Rear view. Notice the legs are hollow.

IMG_6796 - Copy

You get three B-Daman figures left over. In combiner mode this toy can still fire marbles using Chris Blacker’s B-Da Unit. You can also mount B-Da Units from all the previous toys onto the shoulders, hips and legs. Even if I had access to my other toys back home I would not be able to reproduce this form as I don’t have the bad guys’ toys.

V B-Da Armor Chris Greaver

Continuing my B-Daman barrage with Chris Greaver. I might be wrong but his previous ride might have been a Toys R Us exclusive in Japan. I already had this toy many years ago but I bought this as a set along with the previous two toys off Yahoo Auctions.

IMG_6710 - Copy

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V B-Da Armor Chris Blued

Next in line is Chris Blued, Aobon’s upgraded ride. His robots seem to have ambitious gimmicks which don’t translate to reality well. His previous ride had a minigun-style B-Da Unit that was supposed to fire a stream of 6mm BB balls when you rotated a knob at the back, but the gimmick never worked. This toy also has an ambitious gimmick involving an unusual projectile which might not work well in reality.

IMG_6708 - Copy

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V B-Da Armor Chris Whiter

It’s a bit late but Happy New Year :) I’m actually on vacation at home but I managed to prepare a few posts ahead of time to maintain the usual programming.

Back in the 90s there was anime series called Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden which was essentially a B-Daman anime with the characters spun off from the original Bomberman franchise. The toys had numerous gimmicks such as a simple transformation usually to hide the B-Daman piloting the robot, a firing gimmick (rapid fire, burst fire, different projectiles etc.) and often a massive combiner feature as well. Unlike the customisable Super B-Daman toys, shot power was not a gimmick in these toys, and some of them could barely even fire their ammunition.

In the original series, the toys had spherical cockpit capsules around the size of a ping pong ball and you could fit a tiny B-Daman inside. The tiny B-Daman figure could also shoot a 6mm BB pellet from its belly. The later Victory season had toys with interchangeable body parts, and a B-Daman figure that could ride the toy in Ride Mode and transform into the robot head of Armor Mode.

While I collected a few of the toys from the original series as well as some of the toys from the later Victory season, I never managed to get the upgraded versions of the Victory toys until recently when I decided to get them off Yahoo Auction. While there are box sets of all 4 B-Da Armors to complete the final combiner, they are being sold at ridiculous prices. If you want to search for each toy individually, you’ll have to be lucky as some of the toys are harder to find than others.

I got this as part of a bundle but I already had one of the toys from back when I was a kid, so in order to complete the combiner I ended up with a double. Maybe I should have waited patiently to hunt down each toy individually, but hindsight is always 20/20. While the package spells the name as “Chris” I believe there are some English sites on the internet that spell it as “Crys” instead. (to be more accurate to the source material?)

IMG_6706 - Copy

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Super B-Daman Parts

The Super B-Daman line of toys were probably one of the most modular series ever, with a huge variety of parts for customisation and countless possibilities when combining them with the toys. With the few Super B-Daman toys on hand I decided to hunt for some suitable parts to soup them up.

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