Golden Week 2015 Part 1: Gunma

I haven’t used the “life” category on my blog much, as it probably suggests I don’t have much of one, ha ha. Anyway I decided to take a break from the usual reviews and write about a trip I took during this year’s Golden Week long vacation before I forget the details.

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Q Transformers Optimus Prime / Convoy

I spotted this on Amazon with a ridiculous preorder price, but bought it from a department store last week shortly after it was released for a far more reasonable price. I found the truck mode to be quite cute.

IMG_5268 - Copy

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SH Figuarts Stormtrooper

I was out downtown yesterday, the same day some Bandai toys were released. Unfortunately at the department store I know of most of them were sold out already, but I happened to chance upon the last remaining guy on a display at the entrance, and seeing it came with price and anti-theft tags it must have been for sale so I grabbed it. Darth Vader was out too but he was nowhere to be found.

IMG_5235 - Copy

Various other versions of the Stormtrooper were also on sale, but one can’t go wrong with the SH Figuarts version, right? Or so I thought…

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