SH Figuarts Ultron Prime

There seemed to be quite a bit of discussion on which figure to get when both the SH Figuarts and Revoltech versions were announced. Being a sucker for SH Figuarts and having been tired of the limited positions the clicky Revolver joints can assume, I naturally picked the former, which may have turned out to be a bad decision.

IMG_7283 - Copy

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SH Figuarts Masked Rider Kabuto Rider Form

Most of the Renewal/Shinkocchou Seihou series of SH Figuarts figures were nearly impossible to obtain, even including their re-releases, but this time I managed to snag a pre-order of the first figure of the line.

IMG_7196 - Copy

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Hi-Metal R VF-1S Strike Valkyrie Roy Focker Special

Apologies for the delay with this week’s post. The results for the poll a few days ago ended with a tie, but the VF-1S was in the lead most of the time so I started taking photos of it. While it’s the beginning of Golden Week here in Japan, I didn’t take any leave off nor plan any trip so I’m still working on Monday and Friday. Then yesterday I was out the whole day and after midnight, went to drink and hang out with some of my Japanese colleagues until 5am.

After the embarrassing morning I woke up at 1pm just now and scrambled to do some chores before typing up this post.

IMG_7122 - Copy

IMG_7123 - Copy

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Unscheduled Broadcast!

2016-04-26 19.59.23

Readers out there, you can pick which one of these items you want me to review this Sunday first!

Mini 4WD Madness! Part 2: AR Chassis Bumperless Conversion

Edit: This post was written some time ago and after some more research I’ve decided to overhaul this post.

The advantages of a bumperless setup are:

  • Possible weight savings and lower centre of gravity
  • Increased setup possibilities such as lower front rollers
  • Reduced distance between front and rear rollers
  • Improved adaptability with bodies that otherwise would get in the way if you wanted to install a sliding damper for instance.

However, it also has the following demerits:

  • Considerable effort required
  • Front rollers will have upper thrust without further work
  • Possible reduction in strength especially if using FRP plates
  • Increased maintenance demands to maintain the thrust angle of the front rollers

You’ll have to cut up the front of your chassis to leave behind just two mounting holes.

2016-04-24 17.19.46

The front base plate will be mounted to the chassis at the two remaining screw holes.

2016-04-24 21.16.28

As the underside is tapered upwards, the base plate will have an upper thrust. Without further modification, there is an increased risk of the machine going off course.

2016-04-24 21.22.25

To fix this, you can either use adjuster plates or cut up some unused polycarbonate from a clear body set to wedge in between the base plate and the roller mounting plate.

2016-04-24 21.46.08


The original post will be left below.

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