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figma Kiryuin Satsuki

Warning: May be NSFW if you have an aversion to skimpily-clad girls!

Kill la Kill is probably a well-known anime by this point. I didn’t catch it when it first came out, and missed out on figma Ryuko which seems to be fetching a pretty penny on the secondary market.

IMG_6155 - Copy

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figma Motoko Kusanagi

Finally back from my hiatus and despite promising to review a large item I couldn’t make it in time; here’s a relatively fast review of a newly-released item instead.

IMG_4775 - Copy

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figma T-elos

From Xenosaga III comes a figma figure of T-elos who finally joins her rival after over a year. My knowledge of the character comes only from the SRT OG Saga game though. After the grand package that was figma KOS-MOS, I was surprised to see that T-elos came with far fewer accessories but still cost almost 4000 yen at retail.

Also due to the daily afternoon downpours my photos have recently been especially horrible-looking. Pardon my lack of photography skills as I try to make up using some Photoshop and messing around with curves.

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figma Miku Hatsune Cheerful Japan Ver.

I got this figure very late because a friend asked me if I wanted to combine orders with him and he was overseas during its release. Anyway, I had Miku Append ordered then and I thought it would be cool to switch their faces. It was also practically the only chance to get a non-bootleg Miku without paying ridiculous prices on the second hand market.

According to the Good Smile Company website,

Cheerful Japan! is a collaboration project between Good Smile Company and other figure makers to help support the relief efforts in Northern Japan. Every month for the next year we will be announcing a new charity project on the 11th of each month. We hope the money donated will help Japan get back on it’s feet even if it’s just a little bit faster!

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figma Homura Akemi

It was almost necessary for me to get figma Homura to pair up with her Madoka. In my review of figma Madoka I mentioned that I was disappointed with its quality. This time round I didn’t have high expectations. In terms of quality control, Homura somehow did much better.

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