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LBX Odin Mk-2

I got this kit over a year ago and only painted it halfway before I had to move across Japan. After that I pretty much stopped messing around with these things for a long time. Recently I decided to finish up this guy and after several weeks of occasional marker painting, here it is.

IMG_3954 - Copy

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RG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam

I built this kit out of the box shortly after coming to Japan. Never really took proper pictures of it because I wasn’t writing posts on this blog back then and conveniently forgot about it until recently.

IMG_4336 - Copy

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Hyper Function LBX Achilles Deed

Here’s a quick review for the Hyper Function LBX Achilles Deed. I built it straight out the box without painting or applying any stickers. It has many parts from the original Achilles which I didn’t manage to paint or review last year.

IMG_3849 - Copy

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A Get Post

2014-04-27 20.11.03Haven’t had one in a long time so here it is. This guy and the RG Exia came out yesterday. Was contemplating whether to get both but since most of my collection back home is 1/100 scale I went for this instead. Compared to other non-Hyper Function kits I’m expecting this guy to be no-paint-friendly, but I actually have a backlog of LBXes to paint with markers so maybe I might let this guy jump the queue.

Still I hope this line can continue and throw out some more popular designs.

LBX Achilles D9

Seeing how Bandai might be giving up on their awesome Hyper Function line by skipping Odin I decided to not to wait and just get the existing kits of whatever I wanted before they got discontinued instead of hoping for HF renditions. No WIP as I don’t have my airbrush with me.

IMG_3425 - Copy

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HGUC 1/144 Sazabi – Swan Song

Yes, you’ve read this right. This post marks my ‘retirement’ as I move to Japan this Saturday night. I barely managed to finish the Sazabi through a frantic rushed job while trying to sort out my belongings. It also means that my Joker will unfortunately be left unfinished. When you read this post my computer will most likely have already been disassembled and making its way to my new place. I’ll have to try to survive without it for at least two weeks, and I still need to sort out internet connectivity when I get there.

On to the subject proper; this might be a fairly long post as I try to sum up everything that happened since my last WIP update till its eventual completion. The photos were rushed and I did not have time to post this guy. I had to use a tripod as it was dusk and I still don’t have sufficient lighting in my room to take decent photos.


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