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V B-Da Armor Devil Trident

A brief post to cover the combiner mode of Devil Blighster, Devil Hornet and Devil Poseidon.

IMG_7410 - Copy

Starting with a size comparison of the three in Armor Mode. Devil Poseidon is slightly stretched taller than the other two.

IMG_7411 - Copy

Ride Mode.

IMG_7412 - Copy

To prepare Devil Blighster for combination you start with Ride Mode, remove the arms and transform the figure into the Armor Mode head.

IMG_7413 - Copy

Devil Hornet transforms from Armor Mode with the legs and lower half separated. The head is not needed.

IMG_7414 - Copy

Devil Poseidon requires the most tiresome transformation as you partially disassemble the toy from Armor Mode.

IMG_7415 - Copy

You then have to re-assemble it for to form the lower half of the combiner mode.

IMG_7416 - Copy

Finally, the Arms of Devil Blighster are combined with the leg parts from Devil Hornet and the upper and lower halves of the combiner mode are joined. The upper section of Devil Hornet simply hangs from the back.

IMG_7417 - Copy

Rear view.

IMG_7476 - Copy

Size comparison with B-Da Caliber. It’s no surprise that Devil Trident is shortchanged in terms of size as it comprises of three robots while B-Da Caliber not only has four, but has the massive Chris Blacker which makes up pretty much the entire combiner body.

V B-Da Armor Devil Poseidon

Devil Poseidon completes the trio and provides the cornerstone for the combiner mode.

IMG_7338 - Copy

Pardon the price tag but I didn’t get this toy for that cheap.

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Super B-Daman Combat Phoenix Special Set

This is a special box set containing a Combat Phoenix, Mega Cannon Wing, EX Stay Barrel and EX Plate Magazine in a limited colour scheme. I’m not sure exactly how limited or special this was as I got it off Yahoo Auction for a better price than if I were to hunt for the Mega Cannon Wing on its own.

IMG_6872 - Copy

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V B-Da Armor B-Da Caliber

Sorry for the brief post for this week as I didn’t lump these pictures together with last week’s post. I might have the spelling for this guy wrong because I’ve only seen it written in Japanese.

IMG_6791 - Copy

Chris Whiter, Chris Blued and Chris Greaver are similarly sized to one another.

IMG_6792 - Copy

Here’s Chris Blacker in the picture; he’s about twice as tall and large compared to the other three toys.

IMG_6747 - Copy IMG_6770 - Copy IMG_6793 - Copy IMG_6699 - Copy

Here are the individual toys in their combiner forms. The clear parts from Chris Blued and Chris Greaver go onto the combiner mode helmet.

IMG_6794 - Copy

Everything is slapped together to form B-Da Caliber.

IMG_6795 - Copy

Rear view. Notice the legs are hollow.

IMG_6796 - Copy

You get three B-Daman figures left over. In combiner mode this toy can still fire marbles using Chris Blacker’s B-Da Unit. You can also mount B-Da Units from all the previous toys onto the shoulders, hips and legs. Even if I had access to my other toys back home I would not be able to reproduce this form as I don’t have the bad guys’ toys.