V B-Da Armor Devil Blighster

Making use of my final days of living in Japan by impulse-buying things off Yahoo Auctions. The bad guys are much easier to find for relatively cheap compared to the good guys.

IMG_7318 - Copy

IMG_7319 - Copy

IMG_7320 - Copy

You get 5 runners of parts and a marble.

IMG_7321 - Copy

IMG_7322 - Copy

Assembly of the Upper Unit.

IMG_7323 - Copy IMG_7324 - Copy

Lower Unit.

IMG_7325 - Copy IMG_7326 - Copy

Assembly of the B-Daroid projectile.

IMG_7327 - Copy

Instead of being called a B-Da Unit this thing is called the Fire Scan Unit according to the instruction manual. Don’t see any elemental references though.

IMG_7328 - Copy IMG_7329 - Copy

The figure of Akumant is more unique compared to the B-Daman figures which have the same base design.

IMG_7330 - Copy

This guy does not have any articulation, and the helmet is not removable.

IMG_7331 - Copy IMG_7332 - Copy

Completed with stickers.

IMG_7333 - Copy

To launch the B-Daroid projectile, you first have to raise the chest to expose it. The projectile has spring-loaded claws which snap shut when the centre button is pressed. While it has rollers on the underside, it doesn’t roll very far. You can also launch marbles with this toy.

IMG_7334 - Copy

Ride Mode resembles a scorpion and looks impressive. Like the other toys, you have to move parts around to transform.

IMG_7335 - Copy

Rear view.

Lastly, these toys also have a combiner mode but no information about it is provided with this toy. While I find that the villain designs are more unique than the good guys, they tend to get shortchanged when it comes to combiner modes.


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