V B-Da Armor Devil Hornet

Second in line is Devil Hornet, which also has a very impressive Ride Mode.

IMG_7336 - Copy

IMG_7337 - Copy IMG_7340 - Copy

Contents. You get 7 runners and a marble.

IMG_7341 - Copy IMG_7342 - Copy

Upper Unit.

IMG_7343 - Copy IMG_7344 - Copy

Lower Unit.

IMG_7345 - Copy

Assembly of the B-Daroid projectile. It has prongs that spring forward when the central yellow button is pressed. It doesn’t work too well though as it takes a bit of force to press and would not activate just by being launched and striking a target.

IMG_7346 - Copy

This one is called the Thunder Scan Unit.

IMG_7347 - Copy

Head remaining.

IMG_7348 - Copy

Assembly of the Dokudandy figure.

IMG_7349 - Copy

It has hip joints so you can swing the legs forward and backward. You can also move the tail and wings on the shoulders.

IMG_7350 - Copy

This figure has a transformation that is more similar to the good guys.

IMG_7351 - Copy

To fire the projectile you need to raise the chest cover. Like the other toys you can also fire marbles.

IMG_7352 - Copy

Armor Mode.

IMG_7353 - Copy

Ride Mode resembles a bee with a clever transformation that turns it back to front.

IMG_7354 - Copy

Rear view. The figure doesn’t sit too securely though.



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