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Perfect Choro Q Mach Dragon

I saw this up on Yahoo Auctions and got into a bidding war, paying probably 5 times the original retail price from back in 2000 just so I could tear this thing open and build it. Even if it was harder to come across than the other toys in the range, I probably shouldn’t have spent so much on it anyway.

IMG_7430 - Copy

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Customable Choro Q RCP90

An even shorter post than last week’s this is a Customable Choro Q toy, the predecessor of the Super Customable toys. There wasn’t much variety and all the cars were just redecos of the same thing. There were some bumpers you could buy and they looked like simpler versions of the AT System parts.


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Super Customable Choro Q Toyota TS020

I never got any of the original Super Customable Choro Q toys because they seemed to have less interesting gimmicks compared to the later V2 toys. After taking a look at them online it turns out these older toys had a larger variety of bumpers being their main gimmick.

IMG_5890 - Copy

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