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Life with braces no more

It’s been more than 2 years since my last post under the “life with braces” category and I have worn them for almost 3 years. Ironically this post marks the day I got them removed. Had molds of my teeth made for a set of retainers and some “after” photos taken. My mouth feels strangely empty behind the lips now, but at least my face is (hopefully) causing fewer nightmares in other people.

Since the previous update, my visits to the dentist have usually revolved around changing the arch wires which frequently broke within a week after a visit. One of my molars is pretty stubborn and refuses to move, breaking the arch wires instead.

In other news, work on my Delta Plus is still going very slow (as always), due to distractions like TV, interwebs and recently, Pokemon (yea wtf I know right hehehe) and my final year project. I’m going into my senior year soon – no holiday for me this year. My internship takes up the entire summer break, ends right before school starts again, and the thesis rubbish spans an entire year with no reprieve during the winter break too.

Life with Braces 5: I can whistle again

I’ve not been writing about these things because the past few appointments have merely been a case of changing the arch wires to different ones every time.

Yesterday though, I finally had the bridge thing under the roof of my mouth removed. That thing has been inconveniencing me in several ways, especially cutting into my tongue. The imprint was pretty deep on one side of my tongue and the surrounding area got white and sore. No idea why the sore area was white. Besides that, it affected my speech a little and reduced my eating speed. I couldn’t stuff myself with food because it would bump into the thing, or get wedged between it and the roof of my mouth so I had to eat small portions at a time. I am already a slow eater so that thing made me eat even slower. Oh, and it was also nearly impossible for me to whistle (LOL)

On the other hand, the dentist put in a spring-like thing on the right side of my upper jaw. I’m having a constant, slight pain there right now.

Life with Braces 4: Pain Returns

I just came back from a trip to the dentist. He made some slight adjustments to the bridge across the roof of my mouth as I complained that one side of my tongue was pressing hard against it. The shape of the bridge is imprinted on my tongue, but it hurts a little on that side. He also clipped the rest of the brackets in my upper jaw as not all of them were completely clipped to the archwire. For the lower jaw, he added a second archwire. The pain is back.

Actually I posted this to see if my RSS feed was working. I’ve just started to use Google Reader to manage my subscriptions and it’s an awesome product by Google. It’s more convenient than bookmarking feeds in Firefox as I can see everything in one screen like a LiveJournal Friends page. So I was looking at my own RSS feed and noticed that the previous post didn’t show up. Not that I’m expecting people to subscribe to my feed, but I was curious to see what conditions resulted in a post not showing up in the feed.

I haven’t built a Gundam kit for a long time. In fact I have this crazy craving of wanting to spend on so many things. :3c (now hopping onto the bandwagon of people who love this emoticon)

Life with Braces 3: FullMetal Mouth

Today’s trip to the dentist saw me having the rubber spacers removed and a large metal bridge thing forced between my back teeth in my upper jaw. The dentist said it was to prevent the back teeth from moving. At first I nearly gagged when I felt the metal wire across the top of my mouth and had to struggle a bit to swallow or say certain consonants. Right now it’s back to discomfort time and possibly a rehash of last week’s teeth pain. I can also constantly taste a metallic tang in my mouth but it’s different from that of steel or blood.

Also, he took several more photographs.

Payment wise, the nurse mentioned that I had already paid SGD$120 for this metal thing previously, so I did not pay anything this time. I think I have lost track of the money I’ve paid. :/

The next appointment would be sometime in September. By the way, I’m working on another progress post (more procrastination) so that this blog’s content still remains relevant.

Edit: Food is a struggle as it gets stuck at the back of the mouth and movement of the tongue is slightly restricted so more gagging.

Life with Braces 2: Metal Mouth

This morning I paid a visit to the dentist. He re-inserted a rubber spacer which fell out 3 days after the previous appointment.

My appointments were delayed by a week because of an orientation camp I attended. Opportunity cost… I could have earned SGD$200 and got my SGD$50 registration fee back if I withdrew from it.

Back to the point, I also had my braces installed. Right now it’s almost 10 hours and it’s just uncomfortable. On some of the brackets, there is a little sharp point sticking out the side. I have a feeling I will be getting ulcers galore. I can’t chew hard food now. The discomfort will become pain. Huge chunks of food get stuck at the back of my mouth, held in place by the sharp points that act as barbs as they point away from my tongue.

I forked out SGD$1400. My next appointment is next Wednesday, where the dentist will replace the rubber spacers with metal ones (!). After that, follow-up appointments are monthly.

By the way, I’m writing this at a Starbucks at One Fullerton.

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