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Another hiatus

When you read this post I’ll actually be back home for about two weeks. I won’t be able to post reviews during this time, but if there are no delays I might have a large item coming in after Christmas and I’ll probably be able to review it next month once I have a free weekend.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays to anyone who’s still reading this 🙂

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Another one of those get posts…

Not too long ago Bandai announced that they finally decided to reissue the VF-25S and I was lucky enough to get in a pre-order on HLJ. I’m not sure if they can fulfill it but I’m holding out hope that I can find it in a shop somewhere here in Japan. So far I’ve seen the 2nd reissue 25F and the recently released YF-30 in shops several times. 

2014-08-17 19.38.38

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Return of the statue posts (possibly NSFW)

Having settled into a routine here, life has been quite uneventful and all I do is just hold out and wait for Friday to come, rot in my room on Saturdays, do the chores on Sundays and mope about having to go back to work on Monday. I haven’t kept up with reviewing all the stuff I’ve bought, and I’m trying to cut down on spending. Sometimes it’s sobering to realise how much I’m paying for what ultimately turns out to be just plastic. Until I can get my lazy ass around to opening up some stuff, I guess I’ll just revert to posting this sort of stuff again. Anyway, if I still can’t get any review up, I promise the next post isn’t statue-related. :p

2013-10-05 22.19.26

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Another statue post

Welp, time for another one of those posts where I show a whole bunch of additions to my fast-growing PVC collection, since all I have been doing these few weeks is everything except touching the Sazabi. Seeing it in the mess it’s currently in kills whatever shred of motivation I have for it. I was really ambitious when I started to defile it and my incompetency is disappointing me.

2013-06-17 12.58.10

On to the topic proper, I ordered this one from a local distributor when Good Smile announced the re-release. It turned out to be delayed by almost half a year without any notice from the shop and I learnt about the delays from a different shop. I think it was supposed to be out back in December last year and I ordered it in September if I remember correctly. I only received it this May.

2013-06-10 15.45.52

Some of you may remember me complaining about getting shafted by shipping costs. This statue was one of the few additional items I bought to double my bill. I was actually a bit let down by this one as her eyes looked a bit weird and don’t convey the same feeling as Shunya Yamashita’s brilliant artwork. And apparently the sculptor was really cunning when he did this figure – it appears that she is running her left hand in her hair but if you disassemble the figure she has no left hand. A little creepy but it’s a workaround from sculpting all that mess behind her head.

2013-06-10 15.46.08

2013-06-10 15.46.24

And the two pre-owned buggers – the culprits behind the whole fiasco. Bought them solely on impulse to combine with my existing monthly order only to have them separated due to delays. The pair of bunny girls though were a bit expensive compared to Mandarake. This Bome collection stuff has the absolute worst kind of packaging ever in any product. They occupy a truckload of volume and I was so pissed off I decided to open them which meant destroying the packages and even the display base was glued to the card just like a pack of batteries or something. The worst part was one of the bunny girls’ legs had the paintwork stuck on the freaking twist ties holding them. I was really disappointed and wanted to slap myself for not thinking with my head when buying all these things.

2013-06-17 12.56.17

And this one came in a separate shipment from Mandarake. Wanted to buy all the Bome girls from Mandarake since they had the best prices but they were spread across different stores until I came across the one below which I had been hunting high and low for and happened to be in the same store as this one.

2013-06-17 12.56.58

I mentioned back then about Jungle selling me the wrong figure. Well I finally found it on Mandarake and quickly pounced on it. I really hope that at this point I’ve pretty much completed my collection of old figures. Heh.

2013-06-23 16.16.58

2013-06-23 16.17.26

And now for the new ones. Got these two big lovely ladies real quick. Mai is supposedly 1/7 scale but she appears quite tall. She isn’t cast-offable so some people are quite disappointed. It seems there is a massive hole right in the middle of one of her breasts for her scanty clothing to peg into. The dark-skinned lady is 1/5 scale and is not safe for work. She’s one of my largest (heh in more ways than one) and most expensive figures and occupies a lot of shelf space due to her pose, with her luxuriant hair pooling behind her occupying almost half the area. She has a lovely plush carpet for use as her base, but also seems to have a depression on her breast. I’m not sure whether it’s a quality control issue as I’ve not seen it on other people’s pictures. She has a somewhat glossy finish for her skin which is easily blemished so I’m glad mine is almost flawless.

More statues

The last 2 exams of my uni life will be on this coming Monday and Tuesday. With that said I mostly stopped caring about them already and haven’t really studied much this past week now that our hellish design project is finally over. It’s not helping when you see other people going for all sorts of outings this week. I myself joined a simple celebration so yay I’m not some lonely sociopath or something. I had this entry languishing in my drafts folder since my previous post on them, so I thought it would be a good time to post it today. After Tuesday I will finally be free of academic burden except for the uncertainty of receiving results and whether this horrible semester might cost me an Honours tier.

When it comes to statues I guess once you step past a certain line you can’t go back…

2012-12-24 18.57.12

Left this picture as it is as I can’t show the packages out of their bubble wraps. I got them from an online shop called Jungle which, like Amiami’s early pre-owned items, had ambiguous ratings for item conditions. Succubus Silvia was quite expensive but had a clear base with an area all scratched and roughed up as though the previous owner used it as a coaster or hockey puck… For the other figure, I ordered a figure which had a similar name but was a totally different figure. They agreed to refund if I took the expense to ship it back to them, but this is supposedly quite rare and was going for higher prices than what I paid for so I kept it. Not going to buy from them again anyway, they never replied my emails asking for clarification until I took it to Paypal and opened a dispute.

2013-01-07 17.27.32

This is another fairly old figure which I’ve wanted. I’ve never watched the show but I liked her design and jumped on it as it was unopened and going for cheap. It seems a lot of my PVC collection comes from shows I have never watched. 😛

2013-01-07 17.49.05

Finally, a figure which I preordered. With the not-too-recent quality control fiasco surrounding GSC I peeked through the package window to see dark patches on her legs. I found out it was due to the mold release oils showing up when the blister presses against the figure. Right now it’s still not opened and I’m not sure if I want to open it. It cost a bomb and no one seems to want to buy it now.

2013-01-27 15.54.34

Got this from a local shop. It’s a prize figure so it’s really cheap if you buy it online. The shop I went to was known for selling things at higher prices, but it still sounded reasonable to me. Pretended the extra was for shipping charges or something. It’s quite well-made for such a low price. She also seems to be around 1/8 scale and ironically has a box sturdier than many other statue boxes despite requiring some assembly.

2013-04-02 00.47.22

I think it’s safe to say I’ve gone off the deep end when I buy my first Native figure. Again, I didn’t preorder it and got it off Mandarake for a slight mark up not too long after it was released. It’s another one of those NSFW figures, and like many other Native figures the price seems to keep rising. Currently Native has their “Gamer Girl” figure up for order. I’m really tempted to order but it will be released when I’m scheduled to fly to Japan so it’s kinda preventing me from actually ordering.

2013-04-03 12.53.58

I ordered this some time ago as retail therapy. It was supposedly stained but I didn’t care as it was hard to come by and I just paid for it. It took a particularly long time to arrive but it looks quite okay from what I can tell.

As of this post I already have 17 figures, out of which only 4 were preordered and most of them second hand. I’ve slowed down on buying the other types of figures so you might see more statue posts in future. I don’t have mad photography skills though so I don’t think I’ll be doing reviews for them.

Not dead yet!

Just wanna clarify that my blog isn’t officially dead yet! It’s just that in future once I start working I might not be able to keep on posting toy-related updates.

And on the topic of toys, this week was uneventful. After my hectic schedule and clearing of one major deadline I also managed to churn out an essay quickly on good time and went out on Sunday. There were things I wanted to buy, like the Nyaruko nendoroid or a 1/60 VF-1 toy but everything just felt… expensive. Like figmas and newer statues Nendoroids have also gone up in price; Yamato seems to have gone bankrupt so it’s only natural that profiteers want to jack up the prices of everything that’s left. And the occasional Bandai 1/60 YF-29 going for 525 USD… There were some PVC statues going for surprisingly good prices like Alter’s Dizzy but I didn’t jump… It felt like I wouldn’t be able to enjoy them with the few months I have left, and went home empty-handed.

And since there isn’t anything interesting to write about, I thought of just showing some of the PVC figures I got over the past few months. Since my last post on them I had to collect my preorder for a black version of Sigui/Siggy/etc. which is still in its shipping box but now I am stuck with two. I’m trying to sell either one of them off but no one seems to want them…

2013-04-02 00.32.49
2013-04-02 00.33.49
Got this pair off Mandarake in September last year for just over 5000 yen. I only wanted Succubus but didn’t want to pay the extra handling fee, so it was double impulse time. If you look at the sculpt on Nao especially you can tell they are quite dated figures. The Succubus figure was supposedly unopened but the box had yellowed and showed signs of having been cleverly opened. I didn’t mind as the figure itself looked good as new.

2013-04-02 00.46.34

I got this unopened from the used toy section of Amiami for what I felt was a very good price. I just checked the price again and it’s less than a freaking Nendoroid/figma. Beautiful figure but the box is freaking huge. By the way I have never watched Zoids before.

2013-04-02 00.38.46

This is… not safe for work. So unsafe that you can’t see the contents unless you open the magnetic flap. I really wanted it for a long time and it went for a slightly lower price compared to what’s being asked now, so I caved in and got my first outright NSFW figure. This one was in poor condition but I was surprised at how bad it was; the box was damaged and the matte finish had a lot of scuff marks. The figure itself was also stained in several areas but I managed to clean it up. There were some parts that had paint transfer onto the plastic blister tray – for such an expensive figure I was still disappointed at its condition and that there weren’t any protective plastic sheets around those areas of the trays. Some parts of the clothing were also chipped but at least they weren’t visible. All in all it still looks okay, if you dare to take it out for display.

There’s more but I’ll leave it for another time. Maybe some of you might need a little time to get over the shock.

Delta Plus WIP 3

I mentioned about the Delta Plus in my previous post, but I don’t really think it constituted much of an update. This post will also be a quick one. I finally primed the kit over 4 days, and began to work on checking the surfaces. Of course, there are many parts that turned out to need some extra patching up after the primer revealed the mistakes. Good thing I didn’t have to re-scribe many parts as I already did most of that before the priming stage. Sanding and re-priming took almost a week as some of the parts had to be re-sanded and primed a few times. Not many pictures to show as this is one of the more boring stages. I would like to spend more time working on this but I’ve been spending my weekdays in school all day.

At this point after more than 2 cans of primer I was satisfied with the outcome so I proceeded to dig out all my paints. Then I found out that one of my parts had gone missing. So painting will be delayed while I solve this problem.

In the meantime I just received another giant cardboard box of loot, and I haven’t been posting loot pictures lately, so I decided to do a somewhat consolidated post. My last toy review was about 3 months ago and since then I have been buying other kinds of stuff instead…

The last time I mentioned that I went down the rabbit hole, I wasn’t kidding. Shortly after reviewing the Revoltech Seegooey and claiming that I couldn’t find the PVC version on the second hand market I spotted this one on Mandarake back in May and couldn’t resist. If I remember correctly it’s opened but I got it for a not-too-gut-wrenchingly-expensive price.

And then 2 months later in July I spotted this one and jumped on it. This one was even harder to come across than Seegooey and also cost a fair bit of dough.

With the 2 Queen’s Blade characters finally out of the way, it’s on to some slightly newer stuff.

Not sure whether I mentioned this already but I still got a uniform Meduka after missing out on buying her direct from Japan and later on the uniform Hameru came along. Not pictured is the figma version of uniform Hameru which is lost in one of the many cardboard boxes all over my room. Didn’t get the Meguca form of Meduka because I was crazy enough to actually order the Ultimate Meguca statue. Oh dear…

And on to the new stuff that arrived today.

I swore to get both the figma and Nendoroid version one year ago and I kept my promise like a boss. I know the Nendoroid is quite a let-down though. Even the plush keychain I got from Animate back then did better for having the mini Ika Musume face.

Also got my grubby mitts on Yamada! She’s on the right with dat expression alongside Popura which I got some time ago. I enjoyed watching Working and especially loved Yamada’s antics in the second season.

Haha… not sure what to say now. I guess helping my friend order a bunch of statues made me get some for myself too.

Okay now I gotta get to work on that missing part.

down the rabbit hole

I always fail to maintain regular updates to this blog. Didn’t buy anything for reviewing that was released in January. The past few figma releases which I bought were quite disappointing so my pre-orders have been confined to one or two must-get characters. Bandai’s recent releases aren’t attracting me either. As with OOO, I’m not a fan of the main suit designs for Fourze.

Well actually I did buy something but I didn’t do a review.

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole and bought a statue, but didn’t review it since there was no articulation and all it could do was to be stuck in one pose. My crap photography skills aren’t going to do it much justice either.

The thing that made me succumb was probably the realization that figmas (and to some extent Nendoroids) are getting quite over-priced. I could get something that looked so much better for a little more. Oh, and the fact that I once forked out 5000 yen for a second hand mediocre exclusive figma. With the quality of figmas getting disappointing, I took the plunge and bought my first statue. I can’t see myself buying more since they take up quite a lot of space and despite being forever alone I don’t want to be caught having a bunch of delicious ridiculously underdressed girlie statues in my room. On the other hand, the announced Megurine Luka Tony ver looks very tempting…

I’m doing my internship right now alongside some evening classes twice a week. I’m still finding it hard to convince myself that more than half the semester has already blown by. Like always, I get the urge to build something in the middle of the semester. Despite the rather light workload, there are too many distractions elsewhere. 😛

In the meantime, I think I might get something to review this month. Not much else though – April seems to be the ‘wallet rape month’ right now with all the delays going on and ruining my order combination plans.

edit: guess I’ll just leave this here.

Paid a kidney for this because I didn’t preorder it when it was out a few years ago. Never watched the anime but was a big fan of the design and never got to buy the rare SH Figuarts figure. Right now this one costs a little more than the Figuarts version on the second hand market and looks so much better so I caved in.