Perfect Choro Q Dragon Gunner

This was sold along with the previously mentioned Mach Dragon. Like the other Dragon vehicles, it comes with parts for three forms.

IMG_7428 - Copy

IMG_7429 - Copy

IMG_7447 - Copy

Package contents. You get parts for the car itself, a Perfect Engine with speed Cartridge Gears and three weapons.

IMG_7448 - Copy IMG_7449 - Copy IMG_7450 - Copy

With the exception of the pull-back motor, the car is identical to the Powered Gunner which I posted some time back.

IMG_7451 - Copy

Weapons. You get a long range launcher, a wide launcher and a power launcher.

IMG_7452 - Copy

Like the other Gunner vehicles the weapons are on ball joints so they can rotate freely but they don’t offer too much vertical range.

IMG_7453 - Copy

The wide launcher shoots two yellow projectiles in a V formation.

IMG_7454 - Copy

The long range launcher essentially acts like a slingshot/catapult for a small, light projectile. Unfortunately it doesn’t fly as far as expected, and can fall off any time as it is not held down in any way. The clear piece at the end of the catapult can fold up and act as a stopper to keep the projectile from falling off, but needs to be folded down before launching.

IMG_7455 - Copy

Finally, the power launcher launches a single, large projectile.

Each weapon comes with a spare set of projectiles. While messing with it I realised the rear speed limiter has pegs that allow you to mount a second control unit to the back of the vehicle with some modification.

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