V B-Da Armor Devil Poseidon

Devil Poseidon completes the trio and provides the cornerstone for the combiner mode.

IMG_7338 - Copy

Pardon the price tag but I didn’t get this toy for that cheap.

IMG_7339 - Copy

IMG_7393 - Copy

Contents. You get 6 runners and a marble.

IMG_7394 - Copy IMG_7395 - Copy

Upper Unit.

IMG_7396 - Copy IMG_7397 - Copy

Lower Unit.

IMG_7398 - Copy

IMG_7399 - Copy

The Blizzard Scan Unit has two long triggers with the lower one for firing a marble.

IMG_7400 - Copy IMG_7401 - Copy

The figure of Gestlar has an articulated head and wings and removable helmet.

IMG_7403 - Copy IMG_7404 - Copy IMG_7405 - Copy

Armor Mode. It doesn’t looks as good as the other two in this mode.

IMG_7406 - Copy

It also has a considerable length.

IMG_7407 - Copy

You can transform the Upper Unit to form a wheel-like B-Daroid projectile which can then be launched with the upper trigger.

IMG_7408 - Copy

Ride Mode resembles a nautilus.

IMG_7409 - Copy

Rear view.

The combiner mode will be covered in the next post.


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