Perfect Choro Q Mach Dragon

I saw this up on Yahoo Auctions and got into a bidding war, paying probably 5 times the original retail price from back in 2000 just so I could tear this thing open and build it. Even if it was harder to come across than the other toys in the range, I probably shouldn’t have spent so much on it anyway.

IMG_7430 - Copy

IMG_7431 - Copy

Like the other Dragon cars it has a slightly wider package than the others.

IMG_7432 - Copy

You also get four traffic cones along with the toy itself.

IMG_7433 - Copy

Contents. The Control Unit comes pre-assembled, and you get all three Cartridge Gears in this toy.

IMG_7434 - Copy

I believe the car also has a unique design compared to the others.

IMG_7435 - Copy

Rear view.

IMG_7436 - Copy

Perfect Mode is achieved by removing the wheels, replacing the front section with the control unit and attaching the large treaded tires to the rear.

IMG_7437 - Copy

You get to choose from four parts that change the characteristics of the toy: speed up, speed down and two curve parts. By default, the control unit has a stopper that does nothing but let the side wings snap open.

IMG_7438 - Copy

You have to adjust the dial so that the stopper retracts and keeps the wings closed.

IMG_7439 - Copy


IMG_7440 - Copy

By rotating the dial you can adjust how soon the mechanism activates and in this case, lets the wings snap open.

IMG_7441 - Copy

Here is the toy with the speed up parts.

IMG_7442 - Copy

The speed up parts simply contain a pair of plastic rollers. They raise the front tyre off the ground when the mechanism activates. Unfortunately they don’t do anything and there is no perceivable acceleration.

IMG_7443 - Copy

With speed down parts. When activated, the side wings open midway in this mode.

IMG_7444 - Copy

The speed down parts have rubber wheels with spring-loaded ratchets. Like the speed up parts, there is no marked difference in behaviour if the car is allowed to get up to speed before they activate.

IMG_7445 - Copy

With curve parts attached. They release one wing depending on which part you attach.

IMG_7446 - Copy

The curve parts have a rubber wheel on one side to steer the vehicle one direction. They are the only ones that actually work as advertised.

Like Speed/Perfect Dragon that comes with parts to convert it into Land, Marine and Sky forms, the parts this toy comes with don’t work as effectively as the specialised ones like Braking Bison or Drift Wolf for instance.

4 thoughts on “Perfect Choro Q Mach Dragon”

  1. @evolution When you save up enough money, might you consider getting Speed Dragon so that you could have all three Dragon cars in the Perfect line?

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