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Armored Parts for VF-25S Renewal Ver.

When news that the VF-25S was going to be re-released, I quickly searched for a used set online before prices would shoot up to crazy levels. It still wasn’t cheap, but the price is probably reasonable compared to current levels. Either way, it’s still kinda dumb when the add-on set costs way more than the main figure itself.

IMG_4725 - CopyIMG_4723 - Copy

This thing was sealed and even came with the original shipping box.

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DX Chogokin VF-25S Renewal Ver.

Thanks to my topsy-turvy life this month I didn’t have time to settle down and take pictures of my acquired holy grail last week. It’s quite a long story though, maybe I’ll leave it for the end of the post or something.

This time round I managed to squeeze out enough time during my rest. My new room doesn’t really have much table space so I had to move a lot of stuff away just to set up the background. I only have enough natural light in the morning, and the rest of the time I had to rely on a tripod instead.

IMG_4773 - Copy

As this is mostly a recolour of the VF-25F which I reviewed earlier, I’ll skip on a lot of things and jump straight to pictures.

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Holy Grail Get

2014-11-30 19.33.52

Following this post in which I mentioned I managed to get in a preorder at HLJ, they dropped the ball and being the desperate idiot that I was, I went to buy one off Amazon instead.

Life has been pretty topsy-turvy since I moved to Fukuoka. There isn’t any internet in my dorm room and I had to rent a pocket wi-fi dongle. It doesn’t have great reception but it doesn’t have a data cap and has kept me sane this past month while I wait for the cable guys to come and install the necessary infrastructure so that I can have some proper internet. Also, I’ve been made to do shift work for about a month as part of my training program. I’m not exactly doing any work but it’s still making my body clock a mess, and things like weekends don’t apply to me for now.

I’ll try to do up a review as soon as I’m free. I usually post on Sundays, like today, but I’m leaving for work soon – doing the night shift tonight.

DX Chogokin VF-25F Renewal Ver.

Got this guy during the ordering frenzy over a year ago when it was re-released, paying well over retail on Nippon Yasan. When I received it the box was already busted up as you can see below. I finally decided to open and mess with it. As the previously-reviewed YF-29 shares many similarities with the VF-25 series, I might gloss over some details.

IMG_3957 - Copy

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DX Chogokin VF-171 Nightmare Plus

Bandai’s release of their VF-171 toy turned out to be controversial as it was riddled with quality issues. There were many reports of the black-coloured parts on the toy crumbling, especially the complex triangular-shaped parts that become the shoulders. I preordered this but never got around to opening it until I got the Armor Parts set. My experience with this toy though, was a long story.

IMG_3633 - Copy

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Super Parts for DX Chogokin YF-29 30th Anniv. Color

I did not have a chance to order the Super Parts for the YF-29 when I managed to lay my hands on it, but I knew a friend who happened to be in Japan when they were released and he was kind enough to help me buy them so I saved a little bit on shipping.

IMG_2190 - Copy

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Possibly a Blue item

Continuing with my game references, this may qualify as a blue or maybe even a purple item.

2013-05-21 15.48.35

Got a heads up that Amiami mysteriously had a bunch of these for sale on the day it was released so I bought it on impulse with the sole reason being “Oh wow it’s possible to buy this from Amiami”. I think around half an hour after I ordered it it was sold out. I was expecting to be beat at the checkout but the next day Amiami asked for payment so I put in an order for the exclusive Armour pack through a proxy. I might keep this unopened as the Armour pack will be released in September and I won’t be around to open it either. I heard that this guy is riddled with QC issues like crumbling diecast parts and stressed plastic, which is a bit worrying.

The asking for payment bit is also a bit of a long story. I have some preorders which I combined this guy with but Amiami separated this guy and shipped it. I knew later on that the statue I ordered was delayed by a month but Amiami did not update their records. I was stupid enough to try my luck combining with 2 pre-owned items which Amiami promptly separated again and asked for payment. Not long later they finally updated my preorder to reflect the delay. Seeing as I didn’t want to pay so much shipping just for some old pre-owned stuff I surfed around Amiami and added a few more items to my order and ended up doubling the bill.

Some of the items are on backorder so it might take a while for them to ask for money and ship the stuff. Lesson learnt – don’t push your luck! I will slap myself if this order stretches into June.