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Hot Toys MMS Diecast Iron Man Mk 42 – Part 1

Big boys come out and play

This was an impulse purchase from almost a year ago. It was supposed to be released in July and the first batch seemed to have some serious QC issues. I got mine in September through Amiami which ridiculously overcharges on foreign toys. Apparently it is now unable to sell Hot Toys stuff so while there is no more convenient avenue for me to destroy my wallet it also means goodbye to crazy prices.

IMG_4503 - Copy

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Original Effect Reborn Body

No, this blog isn’t turning into 1/6-only content. Yet. Back then I got the first figure from Original Effect and complained about how horrible it was. One year later I willingly got ripped off again by ordering the Reborn Body from Amiami. Has the company’s quality control improved over the past year? We’ll see.

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Hot Toys MMS Diecast War Machine Mk 2

Marking my return to this otherwise dead blog is a little review of the Hot Toys MMS Diecast War Machine Mk 2. I’m new to the Hot Toys line so I think this is one of their first few diecast figures. A normal figure by them already costs a kidney so this one naturally cost a couple.

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Original Effect 1/6 Viola

If you read my previous post you would have seen the gorgeous promotional pictures of this figure. This is one of those toys with an original story, following the trend set by 3A. I didn’t really bother with the story since it wasn’t free to read but I liked her design and threw in an order even with the insane marked up price on Amiami. After some reading I learnt that this was a new company and no one was sure how the final product would turn out. When it was released people complained about the spotty QC, and one really big problem. It’s not 1/6 scale.

So I didn’t prepare to do a proper review of this thing as I opened the package right after receiving it just to see how bad it was. Most of the pictures were taken using my phone instead.

2013-02-18 15.08.55

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