MG 1/100 Delta Plus

Finally complete! After spending 1 month assembling this kit and nearly another 4 months finishing it, this has been my longest project to date. Spent countless late nights working on it and while it doesn’t look very radically different from the OOB appearance compared to my previous kits I did the most work on it ever.

Overall views.

Full loadout – front view.

Rear view.

Bust up




I was expecting Zeta Ver.2.0-levels of articulation from this guy but the old-style hip joints really limited the articulation range.

Ended up with only 2 action poses…

But the real star of the party is coming up – Waverider Mode!

As with all the other transformable Zeta-type kits, transforming was a pain made worse by the additional complexity on this kit. I ended up taking it apart to transform. The head and arms were detached to make it less hellish to transform. However the lower leg mechanisms were still confusing as ever and made for lots of sweaty hands and chipped paint.


Profile view. Not sure why I can’t get the nose to be straight and not pointing downwards.



The full writeup and remodeling explanation are located here. So stoked to have finally finished this guy! 🙂


10 thoughts on “MG 1/100 Delta Plus”

  1. Very Impressive looking kit! -I still need to get to assembling the HGUC Version of this kit!-

    I like the Transformation Flight Mode….

    1. Thanks! The HGUC is a big fat partsformer but it still holds its own appearance-wise especially knowing that the unmodified MG looks just like an upscaled HGUC…

  2. “while it doesn’t look very radically different from the OOB appearance”

    Well to me, this looks great and shows how much work you had done!
    Believe me this looks so much different than OOB. Bravo, evo!! 😀

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