Delta Plus WIP Part FINAL (I really really hope so)

Finally, this could possibly be my final WIP post for this guy. About 2 weeks ago I spent over 2 cans of primer to prime the kit, and commenced painting most of the parts.

As of a few days ago here’s what the parts look like. You could say I charged through this guy. For this picture, 3 of the colours have been painted, except for the dark blue body parts and the beam rifle which has a seam line that isn’t too obvious but I still want to remove. I used a combination of pre- and post-shading for the parts, but again the outcome turned out to be too subtle to be noticeable. I always wanted to get it right without looking too obvious, but I’m still not good enough.

For the body parts I made my own colour mix in an attempt to reduce the blue hue, but I didn’t want it to be entirely grayscale either. In the end I had a colour similar to the original plastic molded colour but it was too dark so I performed a pre-shade, highlighting panels using the same colour but with some white added in.

As for the dark blue parts I made my own mix again but I made the mistake of adding too much fluorescent pink, turning it purple, so I added neutral gray to kill its effect. It now looks like the original molded colour as well. For these parts I performed a post-shade by using smoke gray to shadow the edges. It’s easier to post-shade this way because I could simply spray the original colour if I went overboard with the shadows. The parts are dark so the shadows aren’t noticeable either.

With the main body painted it was time to slap on the gloss coat, panel lines, decals, and a final flat coat. And as for further evidence that I’m charging through,

Here’s a picture of the finished torso block. Man, getting the ABS transforming mechanism back together was nerve-wracking. The part tolerances are so little it feels like I’m almost breaking the joints. I really want to be able to transform this guy into Waverider mode.

Hopefully the next post will be a picture of this baby completed. It’s been a long time.

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