Life with braces no more

It’s been more than 2 years since my last post under the “life with braces” category and I have worn them for almost 3 years. Ironically this post marks the day I got them removed. Had molds of my teeth made for a set of retainers and some “after” photos taken. My mouth feels strangely empty behind the lips now, but at least my face is (hopefully) causing fewer nightmares in other people.

Since the previous update, my visits to the dentist have usually revolved around changing the arch wires which frequently broke within a week after a visit. One of my molars is pretty stubborn and refuses to move, breaking the arch wires instead.

In other news, work on my Delta Plus is still going very slow (as always), due to distractions like TV, interwebs and recently, Pokemon (yea wtf I know right hehehe) and my final year project. I’m going into my senior year soon – no holiday for me this year. My internship takes up the entire summer break, ends right before school starts again, and the thesis rubbish spans an entire year with no reprieve during the winter break too.

7 thoughts on “Life with braces no more”

    1. I was supposed to get them as part of a school healthcare programme at around the same age as you but the waiting time was ridiculously long so I gave up. Too many people taking advantage of free/cheap treatment.

      In the end I waited until I was a bit more financially capable, saved up a bit of money and went to a dentist myself.

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