Delta Plus WIP 2.1

Rather than following a certain (ex-news) blogger with a knack for several million WIP posts about one kit, I decided to number mine in the same style as software version numbers. That way it would be easier to tell if there has been any major progress made.

With that said, this update will be on the arms. They already have some Hyaku Shiki-style molding especially on the forearms so I scribed fewer lines.

Here’s a picture of some of the arm parts. The floating armour on the upper arms (the bottom right piece) was very plain-looking so I added a few lines. You can tell from the bad lighting that I haven’t sanded them with finer paper yet.

The shoulders were also lacking surface details so I added some lines. I didn’t show a picture but I added a vent to the shoulder thrusters. They still feel a bit lacking though. I might go back to some of the previously done parts to see if I can make a few more minor changes.

I’m going to begin work on the backpack and wings. Planning to give them a good shot of detail since they are disappointingly lacking any panel lines at all. It’s easier to scribe long, simpler lines compared to the short zig-zag lines I’ve been doing on the smaller parts.


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