Delta Plus WIP 2.2

Today’s update will be on the backpack. As with all the other parts, it lacks panel lines, but the component parts are fairly large.

I simply piled on the lines on the undersides (the lower pair of parts). It’s indeed easier to achieve symmetry when scribing simpler, long straight lines.

The ABS arm parts for the backpack have some holes in them so I filled them in with epoxy putty.

The wings are ridiculously plain compared to its transformable brethren. Using the contours of the surface as reference made it quite easy to scribe the long lines across the wings and get them all to be in the same position. And for once instead of merely scribing lines I finally got around to sticking some pla-plates.

After some more puttying (I clumsily scratched the wing with my scriber) it’s time for the weapons. And clumsy me indeed – I nearly put my eye out with my scriber holding everything too close to my face. Thank goodness my glasses were in the way so now I have some nicks on my glasses. Improvised safety goggles~


7 thoughts on “Delta Plus WIP 2.2”

  1. Panel lining addiction, ahahaha
    sometimes panel lining is so good that I want to forget plaplate detailing 😀

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