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Super Robot Chogokin Drill Set of Manliness

I initially wanted to combine this review with my previous one but didn’t have enough time to take photos of everything within one session, so this should be a fairly short review. This is an add-on accessory set that allows your SRC Gurren Lagann to be displayed in Full Drillized mode and also has effect parts to recreate the Giga Drill Breaker finisher.

IMG_0010 - Copy

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Super Robot Chogokin Gurren Lagann

Bandai joins the slew of Gurren Lagann merchandise with its SRC rendition. Apparently there was a brouhaha going on about the stylized sculpt of this particular toy, especially against the popular Riobot version. Despite the higher price and lack of any diecast the Riobot indeed has some brilliant engineering. The SRC has taken some liberty with the sculpt that attempts to give it a Revoltech flavour – dynamic shapes that don’t look so good in a static pose, and all the goodness without the clicky Revolver joints that people are getting tired of. However I didn’t have the guts to cancel my order with Amiami so here’s a review.

IMG_9965 - Copy

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Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen

Got my first Chogokin and it’s an SRC, considered by Chogokin collectors to be a budget series/”baby’s first steps”. The figures are smaller, cheaper and lighter than those in the full-fledged Chogokin lines.

To the uninitiated, Super Robot Wars is a crossover turn-based strategy game. The PTX-003 Alteisen is one of the prominent original mechs in the franchise and probably got famous from its appearance in the Original Generation series, where some of the games were translated into English.

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Well well well

When I said previously that I had several items en route, it never occurred to me how much I was going to spend on them.

Until now. Then I realised I still have a Nendoroid Tachikoma sitting somewhere unopened.

I got Alteisen because my points on Hobby Search were going to expire soon and I didn’t want to forfeit them. Wanted to buy it back in Japan alongside Weissritter (Rampage Ghost ftw), so when I saw it in stock I decided to spend my points. In the end because of bad exchange rates, I didn’t save much. I make my preorders on Amiami now so I couldn’t save on shipping either. The two figmas were preorders from Amiami, and I threw Ryuki along when I spotted him in stock too. That saved me a few weekend hours as I didn’t have to scour the shops for him. On the other hand, I was still going outside these past two weeks searching for Wild Tiger since he was a pretty hot item too. Got him and made an order for Bunny for a very hefty price. They’re probably more expensive than those Tamashii Web exclusives. I couldn’t complain though, since there was no other means to get those two.

And about those mini-review things… as expected, my phone’s camera isn’t spectacular, and if I do all the editing and uploading on my computer it will take half a day just like a full-fledged review. Maybe I’ll find a way to post them directly from my phone.

In the meantime, lemme try out one of those poll thingies.

I think I’ll give this a week or something. If the results aren’t conclusive, I’ll write reviews of them in any order I like.