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Gundam Fiesta 2010

It’s been a while since I last posted something on this blog; over a month, in fact, and I can see the viewership statistics on my dashboard steadily dropping.

Well I’m back to the days of school again, and I don’t have much free time to think of ideas and spend hours doing 4komas, not to mention build any gunpla. Sorry about that. If you’re expecting toy reviews, I kinda hope I can dig up some free time for when I lay my hands on some stuff, and with the crazy amount of preorders I’ve gotten myself into, I’m pretty broke now.

Anyway I should stop delaying the good stuff – I just got home from this year’s Gundam Fiesta 2010, held at the same faraway Compass Point as last year. Enjoy the 168 photos ahead. Just a word of caution – there were no Gundam cosplaying ladies this time round as I went on a Monday morning. 😛

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Gundam Fiesta 2009

This event is currently held in Singapore from 2 – 14 September. I thought I would be missing out on it since school took up all my free time. Today I had a pretty useless make-up lecture in the afternoon and decided to just go take a peek there when it ended. I didn’t expect to get anything since I’m now a student and not paying taxes to the government, and most of the event-limited stuff would probably be sold out long ago.

Indeed, I left without buying anything. Tons of people were snapping up the limited edition kits and the MG Sinanju. I wish I had some dough.

Warning: very long article – 166 photos ahead! Click on them for larger-sized ones! You know you want to once you go all the way down the article 😉

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