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Right now I’m writing this blog post on my Nokia E71 using a freeware app called Wordmobi . Looks like this works and I can make some of my posts without having to be on my computer.


I’ve just snapped a photo of my current progress with my Cherudim using the pretty crappy onboard camera. I have a feeling the picture won’t show up because the editor linked to the file stored on my phone instead of uploading it.

Anyway, I got tricked by what could possibly be a typo error in the manual’s colour guide. The labels for the joint and weapon colours seem to be mixed up and I now have a miscoloured Cherudim. I’ll just have to make do with how it is.

Because of the construction of the sniper rifle I have to paint the joint, clear part and handles beforehand. After filling the seams on the front half, I masked the joint, painted it and am currently working on the seams for the back half.

Looks like I can’t finish this before school starts. :/

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Edit: everything works! But the picture is oversized.