SH Figuarts Ant Man

This week’s post is fairly rushed as I was in the midst of packing up for moving. Besides being an excuse for not digging through my stuff to set up a photo booth, this guy looks more in place among objects in real life.

2016-08-06 21.19.40 - Copy

2016-08-06 21.19.51 - Copy

Also, don’t mind the use of my cellphone camera.

2016-08-06 21.21.44 - Copy

Package contents. Sure, Ant Man isn’t a character who fights with weapons but even this is a new low in terms of accessory count.

2016-08-06 21.29.41 - Copy

You get a tiny Ant Man figure and a pair of open hands. It would have been nice if he had some of his shrinking or enlarging devices (can’t remember what they’re officially called) or some shrunken vehicles.

2016-08-06 21.30.26 - Copy 2016-08-06 21.30.34 - Copy

2016-08-06 21.30.40 - Copy 2016-08-06 21.30.47 - Copy

2016-08-06 21.30.55 - Copy 2016-08-06 21.31.05 - Copy

2016-08-06 21.31.11 - Copy 2016-08-06 21.31.18 - Copy

Overall views. After watching video clips it seems this figure has the good old problem of a vertically elongated head. Fortunately the sculpt isn’t as horribly skinny as older figures in the past.

2016-08-06 21.32.09 - Copy

Head. The sculpt is much simpler compared to the original movie version so I doubt the original suit would get a figure.

2016-08-06 21.32.18 - Copy

The texture of the suit is replicated in the sculpt. The paint job is also quite accurate with few discernible flaws.

2016-08-06 21.32.34 - Copy


2016-08-06 21.32.42 - Copy


2016-08-06 21.32.53 - Copy

Legs. The texture appears on most of the red areas of the suit.

2016-08-06 21.33.18 - Copy

Articulation. The figure has a wide range of motion at the torso.

2016-08-06 21.33.40 - Copy

While the base of the neck is restricted, the top of the neck is a double ball joint allowing for a wide vertical range.

2016-08-06 21.35.26 - Copy

Besides a deep ab crunch, the torso can rotate all the way around.

2016-08-06 21.35.58 - Copy

While the arms can raise up to 90 degrees and the shoulder pads have the normal single hinge design, the shoulder joints can swing outwards like so.

2016-08-06 21.37.14 - Copy

The hips joints can extend but only slightly. The thighs also scrape against the hip resulting in scuffs, so there’s not much range around here.

2016-08-06 21.37.46 - Copy

The ankles have a wide sideways range while the feet are plastic, with the ankle covers made of some slightly flexible material which is too stiff to flex and accommodate the feet anyway.

2016-08-06 21.38.18 - Copy

Size comparison with the tiny Ant Man figure.

2016-08-06 21.39.03 - Copy 2016-08-06 21.39.15 - Copy

A closer look at the tiny Ant Man figure which stands less than 2cm tall.

2016-08-06 21.44.23 - Copy 2016-08-06 21.52.20 - Copy

Sadly he’s not as flexible as depicted in the movies so he can’t do a decent landing pose.

2016-08-06 22.03.24 - Copy 2016-08-06 22.09.41 - Copy

2016-08-06 22.12.49 - Copy 2016-08-06 22.54.02 - Copy

2016-08-06 22.57.31 - Copy

My other Marvel figures are buried inside shipping boxes so I sadly can’t do some teaming up.

Other than teaming up with the other already-released Marvel figures, this guy doesn’t offer much in terms of play value. I’m surprised he got a regular release like this too. I have Black Panther and Black Widow on preorder and they might turn out to be equally lacking in terms of accessory counts.


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