SH Figuarts First Order Stormtrooper Shield & Baton Set

Also known as TR-8R, Bandai cleverly sold variants with different weapons as Tamashii Web exclusives while removing the accessories that came with the normal releases.

IMG_7284 - Copy

IMG_7287 - Copy

IMG_7288 - Copy

Thinking that this guy would be a breakout star of the movie I decided to get him over the normal version.

IMG_7313 - Copy IMG_7314 - Copy

Contents. You get three extra hands which consist of a pair of open hands and a right hand for holding the baton. The back of the shield also has a left hand fixed to it.

IMG_7355 - Copy IMG_7356 - Copy IMG_7357 - Copy IMG_7358 - Copy IMG_7359 - Copy IMG_7360 - Copy IMG_7361 - Copy IMG_7362 - Copy

Overall views. The figure itself appears to be identical to the normal release.

IMG_7363 - Copy

Head. The paint job, while appearing to be less complicated than the original Stormtrooper, is decent here. Watching clips on Youtube it seems like the movie costume has less of a neck than the figure but doing so would reduce articulation range further.

IMG_7364 - Copy

Torso. I am not a major stickler for detail but the waist pouches on the figure are on hinges unlike the old Stormtrooper which simply used a single piece of soft plastic.

IMG_7365 - Copy


IMG_7366 - Copy


IMG_7367 - Copy

Legs. This design has less asymmetry compared to the original.

IMG_7368 - Copy

Articulation. This figure has an incredible amount of range compared to the original.

IMG_7369 - Copy

However unlike the ab crunch if you bend the figure backwards you expose a gap between the chest and stomach areas.

IMG_7370 - Copy

Torso twisting is unlimited while the shoulders have a slight swing. The hip joints are fixed so you can’t swing the legs above around 80 degrees but this is still way better than the original. Double joints are on the elbows and knees, but the knees don’t bend past around 120 degrees.

IMG_7371 - Copy

The waist pouches are on hinges so they do not impede articulation at all.

IMG_7372 - Copy

The shoulder pads are on a combination hinge/hinge/ball joint.

IMG_7373 - Copy

The shield-holding left hand is fixed to the shield.

IMG_7374 - Copy

The baton can be configured by replacing the front portion.

IMG_7375 - Copy IMG_7376 - Copy


Unfortunately despite the sculpted hardpoint on the right thigh the baton does not mount to it, and I also don’t have a blaster from the normal release so yeah this is as inaccurate as it gets.

IMG_7377 - Copy IMG_7378 - Copy

The stormtrooper of sick spins

IMG_7379 - Copy IMG_7380 - Copy IMG_7381 - Copy

You can just barely get the figure to hold the baton with both hands.

IMG_7382 - Copy IMG_7383 - Copy IMG_7384 - Copy IMG_7385 - Copy IMG_7386 - Copy IMG_7387 - Copy

Somehow it’s much more fun to put the figure in stupid poses like so.

IMG_7388 - Copy IMG_7389 - Copy IMG_7390 - Copy IMG_7391 - Copy IMG_7392 - CopyLooking for donations to get like two more Stormtroopers lol

The base figure itself is great, but gets a point knocked off for its exclusivity and price. The viral popularity of this guy may also have helped sales compared to the upcoming heavy gunner variant which is also an exclusive.


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