SH Figuarts Ultron Prime

There seemed to be quite a bit of discussion on which figure to get when both the SH Figuarts and Revoltech versions were announced. Being a sucker for SH Figuarts and having been tired of the limited positions the clicky Revolver joints can assume, I naturally picked the former, which may have turned out to be a bad decision.

IMG_7283 - Copy

IMG_7285 - Copy

IMG_7286 - Copy

The box is slimmer and taller than the usual form factor.

IMG_7289 - Copy

IMG_7290 - Copy

You get two extra pairs of hands in different open hand poses.

IMG_7291 - Copy IMG_7292 - Copy IMG_7293 - Copy IMG_7294 - Copy IMG_7295 - Copy IMG_7296 - Copy IMG_7297 - Copy IMG_7298 - Copy

Overall views. The sculpt is reasonably detailed especially on the torso, upper arms and thighs.

IMG_7299 - Copy

Some interior areas are painted bright red probably to simulate a glow.

IMG_7300 - Copy

While the face has lots of shallow panel lines, something looks off. I think it’s the mouth.

IMG_7301 - Copy


IMG_7302 - Copy


IMG_7303 - Copy

Rear. There are two “cords” at the back of the waist that are on ball joints and they move out of the way when you try to rotate the chest.

IMG_7304 - Copy

Legs. I like how the concealed knee joints result in a smooth line down the legs.

IMG_7305 - Copy

Articulation. The chest can crunch a little. Unlike most other figures, the neck section includes the clavicle as one massive, wide chunk which can only swivel forwards and backwards so you can’t get the neck to tilt sideways.

IMG_7306 - Copy

Also, the head-neck connection is a double ball and the back of the head is made of flexible plastic so you can squeeze a bit of range despite the limited clavicle range.

IMG_7307 - Copy

Unfortunately, the rest of the figure is also severely lacking in articulation. The shoulder joints do not extend or swing at all, so the shoulders keep bumping the torso and you can’t swing the arms outwards either. The chest can twist more than I’ve shown in the above picture but I wasn’t sure as it didn’t rotate smoothly. While the hip joints can extend, the thighs still bump into the hips when you swing them out sideways. Otherwise, you get double elbow and knee joints and a generous sideways ankle range.

IMG_7308 - Copy

You can sort of twist the head sideways but he has a derpy look.

IMG_7309 - Copy IMG_7310 - Copy

The lack of sideways shoulder range is a major disappointment.

IMG_7311 - Copy IMG_7312 - Copy

Some repulsor blast effects would have been nice.

IMG_7315 - Copy IMG_7316 - Copy

Wrong iteration of Ultron but whatever.

IMG_7317 - Copy

Some perspective trickery to make the arms look wider than they can reach. I forgot a size comparison but he is around a head taller than Cap.

This figure is a huge disappointment and coupled with its exclusivity it’s evident the Revoltech version is superior simply because of this guy’s pathetic articulation range. It seems Bandai just half-assed this figure and decided to toss it out on Tamashii Web instead of a normal release to bait suckers like me, or for some obsessive collectors to get an all-SH Figuarts team.


3 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Ultron Prime”

  1. I already touch this figure two days ago and its major dissapointment formme too.not only for the shoulder but for the face sculpt and came together with my ultra act x shf of ultraman and he have more shiny silver and have price that lower than ultron

  2. ah yeah this figure cause uproar on figures community, actually I don’t see this figure that bad but yeah for such price and it’s premium bandai status this definitely a disappointment,

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