SH Figuarts Kabuto Extender

Today’s a rushed post because I was busy with drinking parties this past week. I got this along with the renewal Kabuto despite knowing it has no transformation gimmick.

IMG_7262 - Copy

IMG_7264 - Copy


IMG_7265 - Copy IMG_7266 - Copy

Package contents. You get a stand adapter and a rear wheel stand. Since there are appropriately-shaped gripping hands from Kabuto himself, you don’t get any other accessories.

IMG_7267 - Copy IMG_7268 - Copy IMG_7269 - Copy IMG_7270 - Copy IMG_7271 - Copy IMG_7272 - Copy IMG_7273 - Copy IMG_7274 - Copy

Overall views. The paint job is decent, but the lack of any show-accurate transformation gimmick is a pity. Also, the horn on the front falls off from mere touch making handling the toy massively frustrating when you are trying to force the rider into a proper sitting position. I was so annoyed that at some point I just stopped caring whether the horn was still attached.

IMG_7275 - Copy

No instrument panels or anything too.

IMG_7276 - Copy

As usual you get rear suspension gimmick.

IMG_7277 - Copy

Besides using the kick stand to prop the bike you can attach a base to the rear wheel too. The fit is a bit tight and the instructions say there is a risk of paint transfer to the base if left attached for some time.

I am not sure if the old Kabuto can ride this toy as my copy is back home.

IMG_7279 - Copy

I tried getting the bike to bank but keeping it balanced was a huge challenge. I was holding down the base off screen in this pic.

IMG_7280 - Copy

There is a hole underneath the bike with a cover panel which is removed and a stand adapter attached, allowing you to do wheelie poses. I recommend keeping the supporting rear wheel base on as there is little leverage and most stands, especially the Tamashii Stage ones are too weak to keep the whole thing balanced.

IMG_7281 - Copy

The lack of any features, the incredibly loose horn and the high price make this toy an exceptional letdown.



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