Soul of Chogokin Star GaoGaiGar Option Set

The results for the poll last week weren’t conclusive so I left this review for later as digging out the other related toys from the mess in my room was a bit of the pain.

IMG_7201 - Copy IMG_7202 - Copy

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Contents. The Gatling Driver and reinforced display base are stored in a plastic tray. The support has a metal rod embedded inside it for added strength. There are also three clear support parts.

IMG_7204 - Copy

Stealth Gao II, replacement engine covers, an extra non-transformable GaoGaiGar head and a GaiGar face are in the styrofoam tray.

IMG_7206 - Copy

You have to take the head and forearms off the original Stealth Gao and mount them on this guy. For the main body itself the transformation and features such as the clips for holding Liner Gao are identical to its predecessor. The engines clip onto the wingtips and the Phantom and Protect Rings clip onto the engines and you may have to be careful to avoid scratching the paint job or the matte finish of the body.

IMG_7207 - Copy


IMG_7208 - Copy

While there is not much surface detail on the body of the plane, there is some intricate sculpting in the engines.

IMG_7209 - Copy

In contrast to the matte finish of the body, the engines are done in gloss. The Phantom Ring has some clear parts inside it too. The vents on the wings are movable just like the original. The emblem on the wing is in metallic green this time.

IMG_7210 - Copy

If you take apart the covers on the bottom of the engines you can see the innards. The supports seem to be unpainted diecast, strangely out of place and there probably just to earn the Chogokin title. The covers are loose though and simply stay on via pegs.

IMG_7211 - Copy

Size comparison with Stealth Gao. Unfortunately my backdrop isn’t large enough. The wingspan appears unchanged but the bulk of the engines helps make it look much larger.

IMG_7222 - Copy IMG_7223 - Copy

The included Gatling Driver is similar to the original Dividing Driver, retaining the spring gimmick in the body, and this time the tip has prongs that open automatically when you slide the ring behind them.


IMG_7213 - Copy

The antenna and forehead sensor is larger on the new head (left), while the forehead G Stone has a more visible G marking in it. The mouth guard still has the same problem of the fang-like sculpt not being visible without panel lines.

IMG_7214 - Copy

The new head uses multiple ball-jointed segments to connect to Stealth Gao but it becomes even more difficult to attach to the ball joint cup.


IMG_7215 - Copy

You have to remove GaiGar’s head to replace it with the non-transforming version. To swap faces you have to remove the head first, and attach the faces from below.

IMG_7212 - Copy

Final Fuuuusion! Skipping the step-by-step pictures this time since transformation is identical. The instruction manual has very elaborated directions for the transformation of the train sections to reveal the arms. It seems that perhaps the original manual wasn’t clear enough when explaining these parts. However no matter how elaborate they are, no fix for the sagging shoulders is provided in the end.

IMG_7216 - Copy

Also, it’s a pity that no effect parts are included this time either. A clear attachment is used to mount the rings to the forearms. The attachments for Broken Phantom and Protect Wall are different and I used the wrong one here so the fist isn’t centred inside the ring.

IMG_7217 - Copy

However for Protect Wall the forearm is supposed to be off-centre.

IMG_7218 - Copy

To re-create the activated UI-tech engines on Stealth Gao II, you have to remove the original covers and replace them with the identically shaped clear green ones. There are four bits on the sides which hold the central cone part and everything pegs very loosely together. The engines clip onto the wings and can snap into one of two positions, either parallel or pointing outwards.

IMG_7219 - Copy

A clear support piece is mounted on the forearm rail on Stealth Gao II and holds up the shoulder to remedy the sagging shoulders.

IMG_7220 - Copy

A connector can be attached to the base to allow the Goldion Hammer to be pegged onto it for support. As you can see the whole deal is so huge you can see my room.

IMG_7221 - Copy

Close up. At this point everything is so huge and heavy you really can’t do anything except use this is a near thousand-dollar paperweight.

IMG_7222 - Copy IMG_7223 - Copy

This is a really expensive add-on that really doesn’t offer much besides recreating GaoGaiGar’s final form in the TV series. The included stand is a godsend though as the original release did not provide any.


6 thoughts on “Soul of Chogokin Star GaoGaiGar Option Set”

    1. You can sand down the ball joint to loosen up the connection. If you’re afraid of damaging the toy this way coating the ball with shock oil might work but it’s usually used for loosening up tight creaking joints so it may not be as effective.

      1. Actually, I found a better solution. By doing an 180 degree rotate for the second ball joint from the head, it gives that particular joint more movement than the original placement. It might not look as nice, but at least I don’t have to risk damaging it.

  1. Just to clarify, my problem is the connection of the new head from Stealth Gao II to GaiGar’s ball-joint. For some reason, the new ball-joints design is too long for the GaiGar’s ball-joint. I don’t have any issue with Stealth Gao II’s ball joint cup.

    1. Keeping the ball jointed segments bent or twisted 180 degrees as you mentioned seems to alleviate the issue. I didn’t find it much of an issue compared to the tight and difficult fit.

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