Tamiya Electric Handy Router

In the previous post I mentioned getting a Tamiya router. It’s overpriced compared to other alternatives out there, but due to its design it’s possible to upgrade this router with parts for Mini 4WD cars.

2016-02-21 12.15.52

2016-02-21 12.17.07

Contents. You have to assemble this thing.

2016-02-21 12.26.03

The included motor can be swapped out for something different, while the terminals are the same as those for the Super X Chassis. I haven’t tested the included motor thoroughly but it seems to be different from a stock motor.

2016-02-21 12.41.57

The white plastic ring near the chuck acts as a bushing, but can be replaced with an 11mm bearing.

IMG_7109 - Copy

I forgot to take pictures as I swapped out the parts on my router. If you don’t mind taking apart the body again and again you can also repurpose the router to break in your motors as the battery compartment does not prevent you from inserting batteries backwards.


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