LBX Z Mode Ikaros Zero & Ikaros Force – Part 2

Continuing the review with Ikaros Force this week.

IMG_7082 - Copy

IMG_7083 - Copy IMG_7084 - Copy IMG_7085 - Copy IMG_7086 - Copy IMG_7087 - Copy IMG_7088 - Copy IMG_7089 - Copy

Overall views. Force is almost a recolor, except it has a pair of antennae which I mistakenly kept splayed wide open, different wings and tail, and different weapons so I’ve skipped the close-up photos.

IMG_7090 - Copy

With its weapons. Like the Zero Shield, the F on the Force Blades is sculpted.

IMG_7091 - Copy

The tail on this guy is the weapon form handle and has a piece on the end that is too loose and falls off easily.

IMG_7092 - Copy

It also has the same articulation limitations as its brother unit.

IMG_7093 - Copy IMG_7094 - Copy


IMG_7095 - Copy IMG_7096 - Copy IMG_7101 - Copy

The pistols fit snugly in the semi-open hands.  IMG_7104 - Copy

Weapon Form. Transformation is similar but the only partsforming required is attaching the huge clear green blade. Like its brother unit, the weapon form handle has a joint which I think is to prevent breakage due to its immense weight.

IMG_7100 - Copy

IMG_7102 - Copy


IMG_7103 - Copy


Making the figure hold the weapons properly is a pain since you have to deal with two stands at the same time.


IMG_7106 - Copy

IMG_7105 - Copy

You can display both weapon forms at the same time using both stands and all the adapters.

The Z Mode toys are excellent in general and this one is no exception, but with the plastic models capable of the same gimmicks, the price of this one is a drawback.



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