LBX Z Mode Ikaros Zero & Ikaros Force – Part 1

While Amazon Japan had this toy on sale at around half price, I managed to win an auction for a bit cheaper. Since the plastic models are out of print as of writing this, many of them have been fetching ridiculous prices on the secondary market considering how cheap they originally were. Also, this toy has the same gimmicks as the plastic model equivalents except with a bit of die-cast and some slightly improved detail, but they fetch a pretty penny at retail, costing around five times the combined price of the equivalent pair of plastic models.

IMG_7052 - Copy

IMG_7053 - Copy

The starting bid for this toy was really low due to the damaged box, but the toy was unused and good as new.

IMG_7054 - Copy

The size of the box is around the same as the DX Chogokin Macross toys. The tray is densely packed, but there are a lot more parts packed in bags taped to the silver backing card.

IMG_7055 - Copy

Like so. It’s a bit annoying since you won’t be able to store these parts back in their bags after ripping them open.

IMG_7056 - Copy

Contents. You get the Ikaros Zero and Ikaros Force figures with their respective weapons (Zero Lance, Zero Shield, 2 x Force Blade), two extra pairs of hands each, all for holding different things, two parts for Ikaros Zero for use in Weapon Form, Shooter SR34C and 2 x Heaven Blaster.

IMG_7057 - Copy

You also get clear blades for Weapon Form and a pair of display stands. The emblems on the bases can be removed to store small parts inside. The stand attachments include one pair of adapters for holding onto the figures, and one pair of attachments for Weapon Form.

IMG_7058 - Copy IMG_7059 - Copy IMG_7060 - Copy IMG_7061 - Copy IMG_7062 - Copy IMG_7063 - Copy IMG_7064 - Copy IMG_7065 - Copy

Overall views, starting with Ikaros Zero.

IMG_7066 - Copy

Head. The paint job is well-done and almost flawless. The eyes and thruster ports on the figure are painted fluorescent green.

IMG_7067 - Copy

Arms. The insides of the forearms are die-cast while the shoulder wings are made of flexible plastic.

IMG_7068 - Copy

Torso. The piece on the crotch is swapped with a replacement when in Weapon Form.

IMG_7069 - Copy

The wings are held on using ball joints.

IMG_7070 - Copy

Legs. The bits on the top of the thighs restrict the range of motion of the hip joints. The knees are double-jointed with a die-cast joint on the lower half, but they are neither ratcheted nor lockable so you often end up with deformed knees. Also, the feet are die-cast, with a simple ankle ball joint which is offset just like the plastic models so they have a very wide range of sideways motion. Unfortunately on my copy one of the ankles on this guy pops off very easily.

IMG_7071 - Copy

This toy retains the same range of articulation as the plastic model counterpart as far as I can tell, so you get fairly decent poseability. However the neck is terribly restricted in its range and the communicator/microphone thing on the chin often gets in the way of the collar.

IMG_7072 - Copy

With its weapons. The Zero Shield has a sculpted Z on the face while the plastic model counterpart does not and requires stickers. To make the figure hold the lance you pull it apart and thread the hand through the handle. The shield has a handle that pegs onto the inside and is a bit loose.

IMG_7073 - Copy

The blade on the tail gets in the way of the wings when you twist its waist.

IMG_7074 - Copy IMG_7075 - Copy IMG_7076 - Copy

The wrists can fold inwards due to the transformation but not the other way so it looks awkward if you try to pose the figure thrusting its lance.

IMG_7077 - Copy IMG_7078 - Copy

Odin and Achilles Deed are somewhere among the many cartons in my room but I didn’t dig them out as I was kinda rushing this post.

IMG_7079 - Copy IMG_7080 - Copy

The big gun has an articulated grip to make it easier to hold. I’m sure you can use it on the plastic models as well. The partially open hands are used to hold the guns and double as makeshift open hands too.


IMG_7097 - Copy IMG_7098 - Copy IMG_7099 - Copy

IMG_7081 - Copy

Weapon Form. Transformation is a bit involved and requires partsforming, where you replace the blades with clear parts, split the figure into two, and attach the sword handles. There are small tabs and slots on the limbs and body to keep them locked in place. The weapon form handles have joints which I think are to reduce the risk of breakage due to their immense weight relative to the figure trying to hold them up.

Ikaros Force and combined pictures will be up next week.


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