Super Customable Choro-Q Mazda RX-7

This is an almost 20 year old toy with not much of a gimmick so this post will be brief.

IMG_5128 - Copy

IMG_5129 - Copy

You have to tear open the package to get at the toy inside.


Sorry for the background.


The chassis is the first generation of the Customable line. It’s made up of two parts and is relatively heavy compared to the later ones. This toy comes with a Black Max engine which is fairly fast but has a slightly low endurance.

IMG_7039 IMG_7040

The front bumper comes with double rollers, something that became almost standard towards the end of the V2 series.


Rear view. The rear bumper can be attached in two orientations so you can slightly adjust the distance of the rear rollers from the back of the car.

IMG_7044 IMG_7045

Here it is dolled up with the included stickers.

As with the Toyota TS020 earlier, these toys are really simple and dated.

Thinking I had run out of material to post I rushed some photos before realising these pictures were already taken some time ago. Looks like there might be some difficulties keeping up with the one-post-a-week regime.


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