Microman Acroyear X-2 Acroplana

Here’s a fairly old Microman figure I got off Mandarake.

IMG_6953 - Copy

IMG_6954 - Copy


IMG_6955 - Copy

Contents. As expected of the toyline, you get a ton of accessories which I won’t list here.

IMG_6956 - Copy IMG_6957 - Copy IMG_6958 - Copy IMG_6959 - Copy IMG_6960 - Copy IMG_6961 - Copy IMG_6962 - Copy IMG_6963 - Copy

Overall views. The female Microman figures at that time used a body that is based on the 1/6 Cool Girl base body. This particular one can glow in the dark.

IMG_6964 - Copy

The head is done in chrome as usual. I think the head sculpt on this figure is quite well-done.

IMG_6965 - Copy

The back of the hair has a mouth-like shape with three peg holes inside for tentacles to appear from.

IMG_6966 - Copy

This figure also happens to be the only one with an LL bust size.

IMG_6967 - Copy


IMG_6968 - Copy

Legs. The feet are shaped like wedge heels because all the bad ladies in the toyline wear heels.

IMG_6969 - Copy

Articulation. Microman figures are known for their articulation and this is no exception.

IMG_6970 - Copy

The stalks on the head are on ball joints, and the back of the hair can swing upwards.

IMG_6971 - Copy

The mouth-shaped area has a mouth that can open. There are many 3mm peg holes all over the head. Besides the three inside the mouth for the tentacles, there are also two more on the sides of the mouth, pointing downwards in this picture.

IMG_6972 - Copy

The arms have a wide range of motion.

IMG_6973 - Copy

With the shoulder joints you can swing the arms slightly and get them to cross as long as her huge boobs are out of the way.

IMG_6974 - Copy

The hips are cut deep enough so that the thighs can swing forward without much issue.

IMG_6975 - Copy

The only drawback is the lack of sideways ankle range.

IMG_6976 - Copy

The figure comes with a base plate without stand arms but there is a peg that can connect to the feet of the figure.

IMG_6977 - Copy IMG_6978 - Copy IMG_6979 - Copy IMG_6980 - Copy IMG_6981 - Copy IMG_6982 - Copy IMG_6983 - Copy IMG_6984 - Copy IMG_6985 - Copy

Overall a nice-looking but flimsy figure typical of the line. All the peg connections are loose and the chrome armour flops around, making the figure difficult to handle.

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