Super B-Daman Combat Phoenix Special Set

This is a special box set containing a Combat Phoenix, Mega Cannon Wing, EX Stay Barrel and EX Plate Magazine in a limited colour scheme. I’m not sure exactly how limited or special this was as I got it off Yahoo Auction for a better price than if I were to hunt for the Mega Cannon Wing on its own.

IMG_6872 - Copy

It came in an unmarked blue box. It appears some of the more limited editions toys come in unmarked boxes.

IMG_6873 - Copy

Inside contains four packages of parts. I will go over all of them in this post.

Combat Phoenix

IMG_6876 - Copy

Since this is just a colour variant of the original Combat Phoenix, I won’t go into too much detail.

IMG_6877 - Copy

I skipped applying stickers on this toy and used an EX Heavy Frame.

IMG_6878 - Copy

P-66 Mega Cannon Wing

IMG_6879 - Copy

Finally got my hands on an original Mega Cannon Wing albeit in different colours.

IMG_6880 - Copy

You can see in this picture that the pads have tabs on them that are supposed to sit inside the grooves lining the hold parts on the B-Daman. Since this is a revised version of the suspension arms on the previous Battle Phoenix, they share similar parts except this one uses a plastic main shaft. You can still swap out the main shaft and use the hard springs and spacers from the Tune Up Parts set.

IMG_6881 - Copy

Equipped on Combat Phoenix.

IMG_6882 - Copy

Rear view.

P-65 EX Stay Barrel

IMG_6883 - Copy

These parts seem to remain backwards compatible.

IMG_6884 - Copy

I forgot to show them in this picture but four tiny rivets are used to hold the barrel together.

IMG_6885 - Copy

You can see them in this picture. The joint rings have a slightly different shape but still use the same joint system. Since the barrel does not have an open top like the previous 2 Way Barrel, you can mount it as a magazine with the right parts.

IMG_6886 - Copy

The PI-EX toys have individual barrel adapters. Here I’m using the one from Combat Phoenix.

IMG_6887 - Copy

Mounting the barrel adapter was a pain as there did not seem to be an easy way to go about doing it. I ended up removing the EX Core (which entails removing the springs in the arms beforehand) and holding the barrel adapter in position as I put the toy back together.

IMG_6888 - Copy

The prongs sticking out the sides of the joint ring also get in the way of the arm that keeps the Mega Cannon Wing together, depending on which way you mount them.

P-64 EX Plate Magazine

IMG_6889 - Copy

Like the barrel previously this magazine is also compatible with PI B-Daman toys.

IMG_6890 - Copy

Interestingly the inlet has grooves so you can mount a PET bottle to it.

IMG_6891 - Copy

I’m not sure why they didn’t use the same stays as the barrel for even better visibility. Either way, you can still swap them as they use the same joints, but the plate magazine is slightly longer than the stay barrel.

IMG_6892 - Copy

I used the EX Roller Trigger on this toy as well.

IMG_6893 - Copy

Using a PET bottle you can get some insane capacity going on. Here I’ve loaded the toy with 20 marbles and there’s still room for more.

IMG_6894 - Copy

Since they use the same joints throughout, you can swap parts or change their positions as you like.

IMG_6895 - Copy IMG_6896 - Copy

You can also mount the bend at the top like this, but it might not be wise to do so as the centre of gravity is shifted even further back this way.

Overall, if you can find this set for a reasonable price, I think it has relatively good value compared to finding the individual sets separately.


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