V B-Da Armor B-Da Caliber

Sorry for the brief post for this week as I didn’t lump these pictures together with last week’s post. I might have the spelling for this guy wrong because I’ve only seen it written in Japanese.

IMG_6791 - Copy

Chris Whiter, Chris Blued and Chris Greaver are similarly sized to one another.

IMG_6792 - Copy

Here’s Chris Blacker in the picture; he’s about twice as tall and large compared to the other three toys.

IMG_6747 - Copy IMG_6770 - Copy IMG_6793 - Copy IMG_6699 - Copy

Here are the individual toys in their combiner forms. The clear parts from Chris Blued and Chris Greaver go onto the combiner mode helmet.

IMG_6794 - Copy

Everything is slapped together to form B-Da Caliber.

IMG_6795 - Copy

Rear view. Notice the legs are hollow.

IMG_6796 - Copy

You get three B-Daman figures left over. In combiner mode this toy can still fire marbles using Chris Blacker’s B-Da Unit. You can also mount B-Da Units from all the previous toys onto the shoulders, hips and legs. Even if I had access to my other toys back home I would not be able to reproduce this form as I don’t have the bad guys’ toys.


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