V B-Da Armor Chris Blacker

I paid a fair penny to win this auction as it was next to impossible to get this guy on its own.

IMG_6686 - Copy

IMG_6687 - Copy

However this one was half-assembled so I couldn’t show off pictures of the runners and parts.

IMG_6688 - Copy

Only the Lower B-Da Unit and arms were built, and the stickers were poorly applied and peeling off.

IMG_6689 - Copy

Torso. Thankfully there were no missing parts or I would have went nuts.

IMG_6690 - Copy

Upper Unit complete.

IMG_6691 - Copy

The B-Da Unit is a souped up version of Chris Whiter’s which is capable of firing up to three shots before reloading.

IMG_6692 - Copy

However you have to go through several motions to fire and chamber.

IMG_6693 - Copy

It comes with three cartridges.

IMG_6694 - Copy

You fire marbles by pressing the red button on the back. To chamber the next cartridge you have to pull back on the gray handles which tosses the empty cartridge out.

IMG_6695 - Copy

Sorry I skipped the head.

IMG_6696 - Copy

Rear view.

IMG_6697 - Copy

Ride Mode. Transformation is a bit complicated and most parts don’t lock into place.

IMG_6698 - Copy

You can also see the gray hip/upper leg blocks on the rear of the toy in Ride Mode which don’t hold together completely.

IMG_6699 - Copy

This toy forms most of the combiner mode.

In retrospect, Yahoo Auctions doesn’t seem to provide buyer protection and simply acts like a service to connect sellers with buyers. Fortunately I haven’t been scammed so far.

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