SH Figuarts Bruce Lee

Finally breaking my B-Daman combo with a review of the SH Figuarts Bruce Lee. I got this off Amazon, it arrived yesterday and my dorm landlady was kind enough to still be around on a weekend so I could collect it.

IMG_6986 - Copy

IMG_6987 - Copy

The box is slightly smaller than the Marvel figures, yet wider than some of the Star Wars ones. The inconsistent box sizes are a bit annoying though.

IMG_6988 - Copy

The blister package is densely packed.

IMG_6989 - Copy

You get a generous three extra faces, a nunchaku, a pair of short sticks, a pole and nine extra hands.

IMG_6990 - Copy IMG_6991 - Copy IMG_6992 - Copy IMG_6993 - Copy IMG_6994 - Copy IMG_6995 - Copy IMG_6996 - Copy IMG_6997 - Copy

Overall views. This figure is well-proportioned and fortunately isn’t pin-headed like many other figures in the line. Of course the joints break up the sculpt but it’s unavoidable for a poseable figure.

IMG_6998 - Copy

Stamp printing is used for the faces for the ultimate in accuracy.

IMG_6999 - Copy IMG_7000 - Copy

You get two concentrating faces with one looking to the right.

IMG_7001 - Copy

The last one is a shouting face famous for those ball-stomping moments.

IMG_7002 - Copy

The torso is broad so the arms can’t touch the waist.

IMG_7003 - Copy

The arms are thin yet sculpted with muscular detail. Also the hands are detailed with veins visible on them .

IMG_7004 - Copy


IMG_7005 - Copy

The waist area of the paints is made of flexible plastic.

IMG_7006 - Copy

The pant legs are nicely sculpted so the knee joints are well-hidden when the legs are straight.

IMG_7007 - Copy

The figure is capable of ab crunches and the head can look down, but the base of the neck rubs against the collar causing paint to come off. On my copy of the figure the ball joint in the head is completely floppy.

IMG_7008 - Copy

The head can’t look up as much though.

IMG_7009 - Copy

The shoulders can’t raise as high as usual but you can easily work around it but rotating the arms. They can’t swing as much due to the pecs getting in the way. The wrists are pin joints with a ball hidden in the forearm so the hands don’t get as much poseability. The lower waist joint can rotate all the way around.

IMG_7010 - Copy

The hip joints are the standard non-extending variety, with the ankle joints providing a wide sideways range.

IMG_7011 - Copy

The knees are single-jointed but still flexible so kneeling poses are not a problem.

IMG_7012 - Copy

Among the nine hands you get a pair sculpted in his iconic pose.

IMG_7013 - Copy IMG_7014 - Copy

The lower half of my copy of the figure was tight enough to keep it in this pose without using a stand.

IMG_7015 - Copy IMG_7016 - Copy

Stomping on balls.

IMG_7018 - Copy

The extra right hand is for thumbing his nose.

IMG_7019 - Copy

I didn’t have an appropriate opponent so I made do with the venerable Mk 45.

IMG_7020 - Copy

Finish him

IMG_7021 - Copy

The hands for holding weapons are quite tight and I was afraid of bending and damaging the pole when trying to slip the hands on.

IMG_7022 - Copy IMG_7023 - Copy IMG_7024 - Copy IMG_7025 - Copy IMG_7026 - Copy

Apparently figma Bruce Lee came with two nunchakus, but with the poor face sculpt the line’s figures of real-life people are notorious for I’d still avoid it like the plague.

IMG_7027 - Copy IMG_7028 - Copy IMG_7029 - Copy IMG_7030 - Copy IMG_7031 - Copy

Size comparison. Bruce Lee seems to be appropriately scaled to the other figures.

At the pinnacle of face sculpt technology, this is a superb figure with a great sculpt and poseability. I also lucked out on the QC department with no paint flaws except for the paint scraping at the base of the neck. Accessories are also generous and being an action star you could never run out of poses to put him in. I’m quite sure this is the definitive figure of Bruce Lee at this scale.


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