V B-Da Armor Chris Greaver

Continuing my B-Daman barrage with Chris Greaver. I might be wrong but his previous ride might have been a Toys R Us exclusive in Japan. I already had this toy many years ago but I bought this as a set along with the previous two toys off Yahoo Auctions.

IMG_6710 - Copy

IMG_6711 - Copy

The rear illustration finally has a photo of the combiner mode.

IMG_6771 - Copy

As always, the box is jam-packed with runners.

IMG_6772 - Copy

Starting with the arms, which are considerably more complex than the previous toys.

IMG_6773 - Copy

The forearms have a retracting gimmick.

IMG_6774 - Copy

Upper torso.

IMG_6775 - Copy

Upper Unit complete.

IMG_6776 - Copy

This toy’s B-Da Unit is very simple for what it does. It contains two chambers for you to load four ball bearings for a total of eight.

IMG_6777 - Copy

You fire all of them in one go using the white plungers at the back. The gray trigger-shaped part is for display.

IMG_6778 - Copy

The legs are similar to Chris Blued, with one concealing an elbow.

IMG_6779 - Copy

The right foot contains the combiner mode hand.

IMG_6780 - Copy

Lower Unit complete.

IMG_6781 - Copy

Almost done.

IMG_6782 - Copy

The B-Daman figure is the same as the others.

IMG_6783 - Copy

Assembling the helmet.

IMG_6784 - Copy


IMG_6785 - Copy

Rear view.

IMG_6786 - Copy

Transforming the B-Daman figure into the Armor Mode head is slightly different from the rest as you have to keep the feet positioned behind the helmet and not move it to form the helmet ears.

IMG_6787 - Copy

Armor Mode complete.

IMG_6788 - Copy

Rear view. Again, no fancy poses or anything because all these toys are only good for standing and shooting marbles.

IMG_6789 - Copy

Ride Mode resembles a tank.

IMG_6790 - Copy

I think this toy has one of the best Ride Mode transformations.

IMG_6793 - Copy

Combiner mode. Transformation is the mirror equivalent of Chris Blued.

Compared to the others, this toy has a much simpler gimmick that just works, though you only get two ball bearings so you’ll have to source out six more to completely fill up the B-Da Unit.


5 thoughts on “V B-Da Armor Chris Greaver”

  1. I remember buying a similar greaver kit like this back in the day. it was in a more darker shade of green, a double barrel with its second one below, and a much more detailed overall ride. Do you know the name of that certain greaver kit? google searches end up with nothing

    1. I think it’s called Groun Greaver. I searched its name in Japanese (グラングリーバー) and according to one blog it seemed to be an exclusive in Japan. Maybe that explains why it’s hard to find nowadays.

      1. oh wow. If only the 10 year old me knew that it was a japan exclusive back then before dismantling it :<

        copied the japanese name and looked into it and im 100% sure, this is it. Despite its few swivels and ball-jointed articulations, its overall design os pretty solid

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