V B-Da Armor Chris Blued

Next in line is Chris Blued, Aobon’s upgraded ride. His robots seem to have ambitious gimmicks which don’t translate to reality well. His previous ride had a minigun-style B-Da Unit that was supposed to fire a stream of 6mm BB balls when you rotated a knob at the back, but the gimmick never worked. This toy also has an ambitious gimmick involving an unusual projectile which might not work well in reality.

IMG_6708 - Copy

IMG_6709 - Copy

The illustration on the rear still has the remaining robots shown as CG renderings.

IMG_6748 - Copy

You get 8 runners, a bunch of differently sized springs and a small rubber O ring. For the same number of runners this toy is 100 yen cheaper than Chris Whiter, and costs the same as a typical Super B-Daman toy from around the same era which had around half the runner count.

IMG_6749 - Copy

Assembly starts with the arms.

IMG_6750 - Copy

Upper torso.

IMG_6751 - Copy

Upper Unit complete.

IMG_6752 - Copy

Next up is the interesting B-Da Unit, starting with the core section. I’ve mistakenly shown a wrong sized spring in this picture. It’s supposed to be a smaller spring.

IMG_6753 - Copy

IMG_6754 - Copy

The large spring is responsible for providing the forward force for launching the projectile. A false trigger conceals a small button which releases the white catch to make the gray core section spring forward and release the projectile.

IMG_6755 - Copy

The projectile itself is called a Homing Unit and conceals a complex mechanism. The rear wheels are spring loaded and act as a trigger for the mechanism.

IMG_6756 - Copy

The trigger releases the plunger in front which has to pass through the rubber O ring. The friction between the plunger and O ring provides a delay to fire the 11mm metal ball after the projectile is released. The cover in front fits snugly and doesn’t flip open as freely to prevent the ball from falling out of its chamber when the projectile hits the floor. The manual mentions that depending on the ambient temperature, the delay may vary.

IMG_6760 - Copy

B-Da Unit complete.

IMG_6757 - Copy

The feet are assembled next. The right foot conceals a fist used for the combiner mode.

IMG_6758 - Copy

The left foot conceals a bunch of joints.

IMG_6759 - Copy

When the Lower Unit is complete there’s no visible difference in appearance between the left and right feet.   IMG_6761 - Copy

With the head remaining.

IMG_6762 - Copy

The B-Daman figure and helmet are assembled.

IMG_6763 - Copy

Strangely the helmet sits quite high on the head of the figure.

IMG_6764 - Copy IMG_6765 - Copy

Armor Mode complete.

IMG_6766 - Copy

Rear view. This toy has the same articulation issues as the previously reviewed Chris Whiter.

IMG_6767 - Copy

Ride Mode resembles a plane and its appearance is mainly helped by the Homing Unit projectile sticking out the front.

IMG_6768 - Copy

Rear view. Transformation is quite simple too. The B-Daman figure has a hole between its legs to connect to the peg on the faux trigger.

IMG_6770 - CopyTransformation into combiner mode involves messing around with the feet to convert them into the combiner mode arm. The clear green bits on the helmet are used for the combiner mode helmet leaving behind the unused B-Daman figure.

The Homing Unit gimmick has an issue with the delay mechanism. Out of the box my copy did not have a delay at all so I applied a bit of super glue around the plunger part, but filing it down and adjusting its size until the gimmick works flawlessly is a chore. Well at least the projectile itself can still fire, compared to its predecessor which had a gimmick that simply could not work.

4 thoughts on “V B-Da Armor Chris Blued”

  1. Very interesting gimmick 😀 too bad it’s not works 😦 but still a nice concept, so require 4 V B-Da Armor to complete the gattai

  2. Hi, I just found 1 new in the box at a yard sale. Can’t find info on this besides your site. what do they go for if I may ask. Cool information btw.

    1. Thank you for visiting! It’s really hard to say as these toys have been discontinued for many years. In the late 90s this guy retailed for 680 JPY but now if you’re lucky you can find them on Yahoo Auctions for as cheap as 1500 JPY.

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