Super B-Daman Parts

The Super B-Daman line of toys were probably one of the most modular series ever, with a huge variety of parts for customisation and countless possibilities when combining them with the toys. With the few Super B-Daman toys on hand I decided to hunt for some suitable parts to soup them up.

P-49 B-Dama Charger

IMG_5737 - Copy

This was the first set of parts I hunted for. They are one of the harder ones to find, and for good reason. At first glance it appears to be only a pistol grip-shaped holder to store up to 3 marbles and by itself, it really isn’t anything too special.

IMG_5738 - Copy

Package contents: 3 runners, a spring and a few screws.

IMG_5744 - Copy

Assembly is fairly straightforward except for the less kid-friendly use of screws to hold the two halves of the pistol grip together.

IMG_5745 - Copy

Both the front and rear of the holder itself have universal connecting joints. By default, the rear contains a one-way catch (the yellow tab) to prevent loaded marbles from falling out the back after you load them.

IMG_5746 - Copy

The front joint has a yellow cap. It doesn’t connect to any joints on a B-Daman toy, but note the threads on the inside wall – it can connect to a standard PET bottle to turn it into a massive capacity magazine.

IMG_5747 - Copy

You can take the thing apart and re-arrange the parts in any way you like. The third part from the left is the rear port and can be reversed to change the angle of the rear inlet.

IMG_5748 - Copy

The trigger releases a catch inside the holder to allow marbles to fall out the front. The yellow switch on the top side keeps the rear port locked.

IMG_5881 - Copy

The main draw is the yellow cap piece which I’ve used in conjunction with the top section of an Orangina bottle to turn my Nautilus Poseidon into a marble-spewing rapid-fire monster. Other irregularly shaped bottles may cause marbles to clog though.

IMG_5873 - Copy

The pistol grip section can be used as a makeshift server and grip for Burning Atlas in Triple Burst Mode.


P-57 Tune Up Parts Set

IMG_5844 - Copy

This is a set of tune-up parts meant for Battle Phoenix, but some parts can also be used for other toys like Iron Cyclops and Valiant Wyvern.

IMG_5847 - Copy

You get six springs (high power x2, spares x2, modification use x2), a pair of spacers, four rollers and a sponge sticker sheet.

IMG_5848 - Copy

The rollers are slightly larger (right) than the stock ones on Battle Phoenix (left), increasing shot power. As you get four of them, you can also replace the shooting rollers on Valiant Wyvern to increase its power. However you need to obtain another complete set just to use the rollers.

IMG_5849 - Copy

Here’s my Battle Phoenix tuned up, which involved quite a bit of re-assembly. I had to use a screwdriver to push the shoulder rivets back out. The spacers can be attached in different directions to adjust the spring preload, but you have to remove the rivets and re-assemble the suspension arms every time. With high power springs and the spacers on, the main shoulder springs push against the orange Cannon Shoulder parts pretty hard, making it difficult to hold them together during re-assembly.

IMG_5850 - Copy

The short springs can be placed on the hold parts presumably to exert more force and further increase shot power. I don’t think they actually have any effect on this toy though.

I don’t have a speed checker to measure quantitatively how much shot power is increased, but I’m quite sure the larger rollers are the primary contributor to the power boost.


P-46 Twin Aluminium Trigger

IMG_5851 - Copy

A heavy-duty trigger that uses two aluminium rods and a rubber trigger pad.

IMG_5852 - Copy

It doesn’t boost shot power in any way, but the large rubber trigger pad makes it easier to fire marbles when used on Battle Phoenix. It seems as though Battle Phoenix was deliberately nerfed with its stock trigger just to show off the modularity of the line.

IMG_5853 - Copy

Assembly is a bit tricky as you have to keep the screws and nuts together when you tighten them.

IMG_5854 - Copy

Other than the use of different materials it doesn’t do anything special.

IMG_5855 - Copy

According to some Japanese reviewers, the Twin Aluminium Trigger mysteriously reduces shot power slightly. I suspect it might be because less overall force is needed when using this trigger due to the larger ergonomic trigger pad, and it translates into slightly less contribution to shot power from pressing the trigger alone.


P-53 Two Way Long Barrel (Red Clear Ver.)

IMG_5878 - Copy

This is just a barrel for accuracy, but there is a variation called a Metal Stay which can also double as a magazine.

IMG_5879 - Copy

This is called “2 Way” as it comes with two pairs of rails for the barrel. Apparently one pair is smoother than the other.

IMG_5880 - Copy

The ends of the barrel have the usual connection points, and one end contains the adapter to attach it to the front of a PI B-Daman.

IMG_5882 - Copy

The B-Daman holds it with its hands and feet.


P-54 Barrel Grip

IMG_5874 - Copy

As its name suggests, it’s a grip.

IMG_5875 - Copy

It has a really simple structure with the blue parts forming the barrel adapter. It also has a rubber sticker that goes on the bottom of the barrel adapter.

IMG_5876 - Copy

The green square port has a clip inside to snap onto the square peg on the sides of the barrel adapter.

IMG_5877 - Copy

The grip itself can also mount directly on the mounting peg on Burning Atlas. However as the grip sticks out without any other support if you are slightly forceful the grip would pop off.

IMG_5883 - Copy

Here’s the Barrel Grip mounted on the Two Way Long Barrel. In this configuration you are much less likely to pop the grip off.


P-48 Counter Weight 70

IMG_5884 - Copy

Nothing special really, just a counterweight that goes on the end of a barrel/stay.

IMG_5885 - Copy

Assembly is straightforward with only three plastic parts, the metal weight and a rubber sticker that goes on the bottom.

IMG_5886 - Copy

It has the universal connecting joint on one end so you could mount it on all sorts of funny locations if you wanted.

IMG_5887 - Copy

It’s probably more suitable to mount it on the end of a barrel for balance though.

P-10 Super Ball Shooter

While the above parts were meant for the PI System toys, I managed to find something for the much older Convert System Bomberman toys.

IMG_6146 - Copy

This is simply an extra pair of hold parts with rollers on them. The roller supposedly make it possible to fire the included super balls which are those really bouncy rubber balls. The rollers also have the side effect of making shots with normal marbles more powerful.

IMG_6148 - Copy

Later on a version with aluminium rollers was released seemingly to take advantage of the increased power but a Japanese blogger used a speed checker and noticed that the aluminium rollers didn’t increase power as much as the older plastic rollers did.

When combined with an OS Gear and Power Wing 2, this guy is capable of formidable shots and is probably one of the most powerful B-Daman toys in terms of raw shot velocity.


An as an extra, I got a bunch of overpriced marbles.

IMG_5743 - Copy IMG_5749 - Copy

Judging from the year on the package this was probably sold when the Battle B-Daman toys were out. I didn’t notice any size differences between these marbles and the ones that came with the Super B-Daman toys.

2 thoughts on “Super B-Daman Parts”

  1. In them or parts the super b-dama very good but seeing their main frame kinda doubt about their durability ^^ , for collecting these Super B-daman very nice XD they absolutely different each other instead using very similar shape like the next generations, only the hold parts system sounds different. about marbles variety how about the battle b-daman marbles they still around ? i am sure many variation for those, i recall some made from metal, and one with sort of rubber for drive shot(work like a tire)

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