Super B-Daman PI-EX Parts

Are you an ally of justice? Do you support only original products and boycott any and all bootlegs? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, I suggest that you skip this post. This is because I will be covering some bootleg non-original toys.

Parts for the PI-EX B-Daman toys weren’t very easy to come by and whatever I have on hand I mostly bought them from Yahoo Auctions. Please note that this is not a complete list of all parts.

P-67 EX Core Round Claws

IMG_6147 - Copy

This is an extra EX Core which is supposedly a control type by virtue of its round hold parts. According to its description, the round hold parts impart force evenly onto the marble and the short barrel body improves accuracy. It doesn’t turn any toy into Perfect Mode, but is featured as part of a Combat Phoenix variation (Combat Phoenix Control Type if I’m not wrong) in a Fukubako (blind box) release.

IMG_6149 - Copy

Contents. IMG_6150 - Copy

Assembly is really simple.

IMG_6151 - Copy

Before stickers.

IMG_6152 - Copy

With stickers. IMG_6153 - Copy

Here’s Combat Phoenix Control Mode. Due to the design of the core it cannot perform any sort of power shot, but it still packs a punch.

IMG_6154 - Copy

Here’s a side by side comparison with the Astral Core from Combat Phoenix. It’s really simple and half its size consists of the short barrel.


P-73 Short Stroke System

IMG_6276 - Copy

This is an add-on that turns Spread Wyvern into Perfect Mode.

IMG_6277 - Copy

You get a generous four runners.

IMG_6278 - Copy

Assembly is slightly complex due to the interlocking arms that form the trigger mechanism.

IMG_6279 - Copy IMG_6280 - Copy

They are placed inside the body along with a pair of metal axles.

IMG_6281 - Copy

The axles hold a pair of gears.

IMG_6282 - Copy

Before stickers. The whole thing is held together by screws.

IMG_6335 - Copy

Stickered up.

IMG_6339 - Copy

Spread Wyvern Perfect Mode is achieved by replacing the stock core and trigger. You have to push the trigger on the SSS when putting the toy back together to get the protrusions on the front of the claws to go inside the arms.

IMG_6340 - Copy

Thanks to the said protrusions on the front of the claws, the toy is still capable of one-handed power shots.

IMG_6341 - Copy

Rear view.

IMG_6283 - Copy

The SSS also comes with a pair of arms so you can use it on other toys, but the arms do not support any kind of power shot functionality and you have to unscrew and remove the arms just to gain access to the SSS which is troublesome.

IMG_6284 - Copy IMG_6285 - Copy

It also includes a barrel adapter as the normal adapter that came with Spread Wyvern will not fit the differently-shaped front section.

The way the SSS works is to halve the apparent trigger travel distance when you push the trigger by making the hold parts move backwards at the same time. This supposedly allows you to fire consecutive shots more quickly.


P-68 EX Roller Trigger

IMG_6342 - Copy

I can’t remember if this turns any toy into Perfect Mode but it’s a useful upgrade for Combat Phoenix.

IMG_6343 - Copy

You get two runners, a pair of aluminium rods, a spring and a few screws.

IMG_6344 - Copy

Assembly is a bit complicated and you get an overdesigned trigger pad too.

IMG_6345 - Copy

At first I had no idea how this was going to work.

IMG_6346 - Copy IMG_6347 - Copy

In this picture the trigger is upside down so the part on the right is the bottom half. It turns out that the pair of aluminium shafts and the guide rail on the bottom supposedly reduce side to side play.

IMG_6348 - Copy

The four rollers on the top and bottom don’t really do anything though.

IMG_6349 - Copy

Due to the design of the trigger, if used on the Combat Phoenix you can fire marbles without pulling back on the arms and avoid breaking the shoulder mounts on the EX Frame. However in retrospect I just realised since all the load goes to the trigger you’d end up breaking it instead.

IMG_6352 - Copy

Here it’s equipped on Spread Wyvern.

IMG_6353 - Copy

If you want to avoid exerting any strain on the B-Daman itself the EX One Hand Trigger that came with the Spread Wyvern can do the job too but it has a small trigger pad which isn’t very comfortable for power shots.


P-69 Giga Burst System

IMG_6350 - Copy

This is an add-on that turns Giga Salamander into Perfect Mode. It’s really just a fancy burst fire gimmick that replaces the core and trigger components.

IMG_6351 - Copy

You get two runners with large parts.

IMG_6547 - Copy

Assembly is fairly simple.

IMG_6548 - Copy

You get an impressive looking core/trigger combo. I forgot to apply the stickers on this.

IMG_6549 - Copy

Since I don’t have a Giga Salamander I used Spread Wyvern instead.

IMG_6550 - Copy

Rear view.

The Giga Burst System fires up to two marbles at the same time by pulling backwards on the handle. The Giga Salamander toy comes with a grip magazine to make firing easier. The caveat to using this is that you need to load three marbles to fire a two-marble burst, or two marbles for a single shot. One marble always stays inside the core. It has really poor accuracy as both marbles stray in different directions when you yank on the handle. It cannot perform power shots but it is still fairly powerful.


P-72 EX Heavy Frame

IMG_6551 - Copy

I had to fork out a pretty penny to get this. It’s a die-cast replacement EX Frame.

IMG_6552 - Copy

I used it on my Combat Phoenix as it’s the most prone to breakage with so much power involved. Apparently this was still considered overpriced back then.


Bootleg Mega Cannon Wing

IMG_6599 - Copy

Since the original P-66 Mega Cannon Wing is really rare and can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars on auctions I paid a proxy to buy this from a seller in Taiwan. This is a bootleg copy made by TT Hongli.

IMG_6600 - Copy

You get two runners and a third rubber runner containing a pair of pads.

IMG_6601 - Copy

Assembly isn’t that complicated but this bootleg is so poorly molded the parts don’t fit properly.

IMG_6602 - Copy

Here I’ve equipped it on Combat Phoenix. I scoured the internet for pictures and it turns out the bootleg version lacks protrusions on the parts that would fit in the notches on the outside of the hold parts and ensure that they don’t veer off the hold parts under stress. It’s also slightly lopsided and because of the lack of the protrusions, the mechanism can get stuck if you stress the thing really hard.

IMG_6603 - Copy

It also works on other B-Daman which have mounting points on their elbows. Using it on Spread Wyvern makes it impossible to fire power shots with one hand though. Since this is a bootleg copy, it might not provide as much of a power boost as the original.


2 thoughts on “Super B-Daman PI-EX Parts”

  1. I didn’t know pi ex have these parts except for the mega canon wing and heavy frame XD but yeah the wyvern kinda expected since it’s different from what i knew

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