Super B-Daman Spread Wyvern

This is the main rival to Combat Phoenix and like the later B-Daman series that came afterward, the main rival character usually specialises in rapid-fire. Here, a one-handed trigger and the Spread Wings which allow power shots to be toggled on or off allows for one-handed operation so you can load marbles with one hand as you fire with the other.

IMG_6287 - Copy

IMG_6288 - Copy

It also has a Perfect Mode which requires the Short Stroke System, replacing both the stock core and trigger.

IMG_6286 - Copy

Contents. As usual, the EX Frame takes up one runner.

IMG_6326 - Copy

Assembly revolves around the generic EX Frame.

IMG_6327 - Copy

The Spread Wings have detents to keep them in the closed or open positions.

IMG_6328 - Copy

The arms are bolted onto the frame with screws.

IMG_6329 - Copy

The EX Core uses a Double Hold System (WHS) which supposedly increases power and accuracy. It seems to be a downgrade from its predecessor Valiant Wyvern which has four Shooting Rollers mounted inside the hold parts though. The hold parts are only anchored at the bottom so they wobble loosely.

IMG_6331 - Copy

The EX One Hand Trigger simply adds a pair of wings to allow for one handed operation.

IMG_6332 - Copy

Nothing special going on with the feet.

IMG_6333 - Copy

The toy is almost totally black without stickers.

IMG_6334 - Copy


IMG_6336 - Copy

With stickers applied. I forgot to stick one that goes on the EX Core/chest.

IMG_6337 - Copy

The EX Core has protrusions on the sides of the hold parts which press against the Spread Wings in open mode to restrict the amount of flex and build up more tension. This allows you to fire power shots with one hand compared to conventional power type toys which require the use of both hands to achieve a power shot.

IMG_6338 - Copy

Rear view. The arms have hard points for mounting the Mega Cannon Wing but I have no idea if doing so provides any additional benefit compared to using the default Spread Wings.

I’m not sure whether it’s a problem with my copy but my toy fires marbles off to one side and the problem is more apparent in power mode.

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