Super B-Daman Green Bomberman

Before the OS Gear gimmick, Super B-Daman toys were even simpler and were based on the Bomberman games. The main gimmick of the series was the Convert System where unlike even older Bomberman-shaped toys, you could separate these into several parts to allow for limited customisability. Here, the Green Bomberman’s gimmick is its quick loading body where you simply push down on a marble from above to load it into the body.

IMG_6134 - Copy

IMG_6135 - Copy

Contents. You get three runners and the quick loading feet separate.

IMG_6136 - Copy

Assembly of the Bomberman itself is really simple with very few parts. If I’m not mistaken, this series of toys was the first time a rear hatch and spring were implemented to allow semi-automatic firing of more than one marble. Without any add-ons, you can load up to two marbles at a time.

IMG_6137 - Copy

The gimmick part is an extra body and feet with a hole at the bottom. When you press down on a marble, the tension clips on the sides of the hole force the marble up into the body.

IMG_6141 - Copy

Only one sticker is needed for the generic Bomberman face. The rest are optional stickers.

IMG_6139 - Copy

Rear. The hold parts have holes in the back to allow the use of power-modifying parts such as the Power Wing. Since it is the same design as the OS Gear toys it is compatible with most OS Gear parts too. This mechanism also re-appears in the Battle B-Daman Zero toys.

IMG_6140 - Copy

The quick loading body is a fatal flaw which is its frail design due to the hole removing a lot of material from the body.   IMG_6142 - Copy

You also get a pair of rubber feet but they can’t be easily removed if you decide to change your mind. The rubber feet are compatible with all Super B-Daman toys which have the holes under their feet, even including the PI-EX toys as far as I can tell.

IMG_6143 - Copy

Like I mentioned in my Fighting Phoenix review, the OS Gear was designed around the Bomberman form factor and meant to increase customisability by providing several hard points for mounting more accessories.

IMG_6144 - Copy

In fact, the OS Gear and Power Wing 2 have better affinity with the Bomberman figure as the Power Wing can exert its force more directly on the hold parts unlike the skewed configuration of the Delta System on Fighting Phoenix, raising power levels more dramatically. However due to the design of the Bomberman toy, pressing on the arms does not affect power levels.

IMG_6145 - Copy

Here’s a side by side comparison with Fighting Phoenix without its OS Gear. You can see how the shapes of the OS Gear B-Daman toys were restricted to the Bomberman form factor in their designs.

As you can tell from this review, this is a really old toy and the quick loading gimmick has seen countless re-appearances in later series. I got this toy as part of a bundle of various other Bomberman toys but didn’t get around to opening all of them as they were nearly identical to one another.


6 thoughts on “Super B-Daman Green Bomberman”

  1. Bootlegs of these classic ver are part of my childhood 😀 I remember, they make ninja turtle variation too of b-daman/bomberman toy.

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