Super B-Daman Stag Sphinx

Some B-Daman toys have interesting gimmicks such as being able to fire curved shots. The first toy capable of doing so was the Golden Bomberman which I heard had problems with the trigger breaking under use. This is the second toy capable of curved shots and in the Super B-Daman comics the character using the Golden Bomberman later uses this as an upgrade. What set this toy apart from its predecessor is the use of removable Power Chips which increase shot power and a Touchdown Controller which affects how quickly the spin effects occur.

I bought this from a Mandarake store which explains the labels. I was also asked by the cashier whether I really wanted to purchase this guy as the box was damaged.

IMG_6261 - Copy

IMG_6262 - Copy

This is an OS Gear compatible B-Daman and coupled by the fact that it uses an unconventional mechanism, this toy doesn’t have much to offer in terms of customisability.

IMG_6263 - Copy

Contents. You get four runners and a fifth rubber runner containing one drive strip.

IMG_6264 - Copy

Being an OS Gear B-Daman, assembly is fairly simple. The trigger moves vertically and requires two springs.

IMG_6265 - Copy

The guide rail is in the centre of the trigger and the trigger tends to get stuck if it gets lopsided, making it a must to exert force evenly on both sides when firing marbles.

IMG_6266 - Copy

Next, the Hold Dial is assembled. The drawback of the Power Chips is that you have to manually attach and remove them from the Hold Dial when you want to adjust power levels. You get a pair of spares.

IMG_6267 - Copy

The Hold Dial sits in between the head and body.

IMG_6268 - Copy

The rear half and Touchdown Controller are assembled. The Touchdown Controller can be raised or lowered so that curved shots curve earlier or later. The use of chrome also allows the direction indicator on the underside of the ring to be reflected.

IMG_6269 - Copy

Finally, assembly is completed by attaching the feet and shoulder pads which lock the front and rear halves together. A hatch for the back of the head is provided but using it blocks you from loading marbles.

IMG_6270 - Copy

Here’s how it looks before the stickers are applied.

IMG_6271 - Copy

Rear view. You can see the marble sitting on top of the Hold Dial.

IMG_6272 - Copy

With stickers. Due to the age of the toy the stickers don’t stay firmly attached on my copy. They are also inaccurately shaped and don’t conform too well to the contoured surfaces of the toy.

IMG_6273 - Copy

Rear view.

IMG_6274 - Copy

Being an OS Gear B-Daman you can equip an OS Gear but it serves less of a benefit on this toy as its design prevents the use of custom barrels or triggers. The arms also do not affect shot power.

IMG_6275 - Copy

I think it’s still possible to attach a magazine or server.

While the toy is capable of firing drive, backspin and curved shots, its power is very sensitive to the diameter of the marble and it seems like over time the Power Chips can wear out. The varying power level also means it has inconsistent performance; some shots will be more powerful or curve more than others. It’s still an impressive toy for its gimmick though.


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