Super B-Daman Burning Atlas

This toy has an interesting gimmick where you fire marbles by pushing down on a vertical trigger behind it. It can also be reconfigured to fire triple bursts.

IMG_5830 - Copy

IMG_5831 - Copy

IMG_5856 - Copy

Package contents. You get six runners, a large spring and one marble.

IMG_5857 - Copy

Assembly begins with the body where you insert a stopper plate above the hold parts which prevent the use of conventional magazines or triggers. The hold parts on this guy are also uniquely shaped. It looks like they are backwards, and marbles sit further behind the claws than usual.

IMG_5858 - Copy

As with the other toys in this series, the head is mounted using screws. IMG_5859 - Copy

Same goes for the arms. They are not involved in any power-adjusting gimmicks. IMG_5860 - Copy

Next is the Vertical Shot System, starting off with the two halves of the vertical trigger.

IMG_5861 - Copy

The plunger assembly is completed.

IMG_5862 - Copy

The chamber is assembled next, held together with one screw. On one side is a cover with a small gray bit for mounting a barrel grip (I forgot to show the screw), while the other side is a chute for feeding marbles. It’s not symmetrically shaped – the lower side of the chute is sloped to reduce the chances of marbles stopping halfway and not dropping into the chamber.

IMG_5863 - Copy

The feet also serve as the launch platform.

IMG_5864 - Copy

The Vertical Shot System is mounted on the back of the feet. A small magazine server is assembled.

IMG_5865 - Copy

Finally, everything is put together and locked with the latch between the feet.

IMG_5866 - Copy

Rear view. This mode is configured for single shots. Despite not supporting conventional magazine servers you can still see a hole at the back of the head.

IMG_5867 - Copy

Here I’ve shown how the Vertical Shot System looks like when configured in triple burst mode. The small magazine server now serves as the lower half of the extended chamber.

IMG_5868 - Copy

The Vertical Shot System works by forcing marbles forward through the hold parts using the round-tipped plunger and a small ramp on the base. In this picture I’ve pushed the trigger down completely.

IMG_5869 - Copy

According to the manual, there is a possibility that marbles may fly out the server when you press the trigger so you can reconfigure it to prevent this by loading marbles sideways.

IMG_5870 - Copy

With stickers applied.

IMG_5871 - Copy

Rear view.

IMG_5872 - Copy

Triple burst mode.

Despite its unusual way of firing marbles this guy is capable of some fairly powerful shots. Also, while the triple bursts are quite impressive, they tend to spread a lot, and if you use a large magazine you may not be able to fire off bursts in rapid succession by pounding on the trigger quickly as the marbles may get stuck. In triple burst mode the assembly is also not as securely locked, and when the trigger starts veering to one side it will get stuck. The modular attachment is a very cool concept, but it’s too bad most of the connections don’t lock together.

3 thoughts on “Super B-Daman Burning Atlas”

  1. Triple burst like in the Manga series XD, thought they only gave you one marble LOL and I doubt this will last long if shooting using hammer style ….

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