High Speed Choro-Q Battle Strikes

I impulsively got this off Yahoo Auction for quite cheap, though now that I think about it the shipping and bank transfer fees might have cost more than the price of this thing itself.

IMG_5927 - Copy

IMG_5928 - Copy

The package itself is in quite pristine condition which is somewhat rare for the High Speed toys.

IMG_5929 - Copy

Package contents.

IMG_5930 - Copy

Somehow Takara decided on a larger packaging compared to the compact ones in previous lines because you don’t really get a lot of stuff in this toy. The stickers on the car body have been factory applied. You also get a stick which you can attach to the side of the car and stick the other end through a pencil so you can make the car run in circles.

IMG_6700 - Copy

I guess due to licensing issues this is actually a Lancia Stratos?

IMG_6701 - Copy

It comes with a Battle Coin Holder which throws the disk it carries when another car hits the button from behind. You get one spare disk.

IMG_6703 - Copy

If I’m not mistaken the High Speed toys came after the V2 ones so these had removable wheels. Strangely the older, heavier VX chassis is used as default but I guess it lets Takara sell the lighter V2 one as an upgrade. Clever. By the way, a more detailed look on the VX chassis is provided on my Toyota TS020 post.

IMG_6702 - Copy

Using the older VX chassis also means the simple stick stabilizers are used instead of the fancy ones that came with the V2 toys. You also get a normal rear bumper.

IMG_6704 - Copy

The battle coin holder also has its own rollers and anti-wheelie sticks just like the normal bumper but due to the gimmick it’s heavier and slows the toy down significantly.

Like many of my previous Choro Q posts I’m not sure if this even deserves its own post haha. Unlike some of the other toys this particular one doesn’t have any gimmick other than the coin holder. I think the High Speed line is an attempted revival of the old Super Customable toys with some gimmicks from the V2 toys thrown in as upgrades.


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