SH Figuarts Horse Orphnoch

This is another exclusive that came along with my War Machine order and even though I really liked 555’s suit design I wasn’t sure if I was going to spring for all the bad guys. Since this guy is a main character I thought it would be excusable.

IMG_6649 - Copy

IMG_6650 - Copy

The package is slightly thicker than usual and I think the only reason is due to the horn on the forehead taking up space.

IMG_6651 - Copy IMG_6652 - Copy IMG_6653 - Copy

Package contents. You only get a sword, shield and two pairs of hands. You can’t recreate his centaur form either.

IMG_6654 - Copy IMG_6655 - Copy IMG_6656 - Copy IMG_6657 - Copy IMG_6658 - Copy IMG_6659 - Copy IMG_6660 - Copy IMG_6661 - Copy

Overall views. Even thought the figure is entirely gray some kind of drybrushing is applied almost everywhere to give it a stone-like texture.

IMG_6662 - Copy

The horns on the head and shoulders are hard plastic so one may need to be careful when handling them.

IMG_6663 - Copy

Surprisingly there is some stamp printing on the waist, a detail which I never noticed until now.

IMG_6664 - Copy

The arms are symmetrical with large shoulder pads that don’t sit on their own joints unlike some other figures such as Blade King Form. I think it’s because those joints would be exposed if they were implemented on this figure.

IMG_6665 - Copy


IMG_6666 - Copy

Legs. The kneepads are strangely clean and look out of place here.

IMG_6667 - Copy

Both the sword and shield are beautifully painted.

IMG_6668 - Copy

The back side of the shield is plain gray plastic though.

IMG_6669 - Copy

This figure doesn’t offer much in terms of articulation. Despite a double neck joint and ball joints in the chest and waist they don’t provide much range.

IMG_6670 - Copy

That’s as far back is it can go.

IMG_6671 - Copy

Similarly due to the shoulder pads you can’t really raise the arms up high. Double joints are used for the elbows but due to the thick areas around the elbows they can only bend about 90 degrees.

IMG_6672 - Copy

While the ankles have a generous sideways range, the range of the hip joints is limited by the skirt piece. It’s not that bad sideways…

IMG_6673 - Copy

But front/back range is seriously compromised so this figure cannot kneel at all.

IMG_6674 - Copy IMG_6675 - Copy

Since my Faiz figures are back home I can’t do any duel scenes.

IMG_6676 - Copy IMG_6677 - Copy IMG_6678 - Copy IMG_6679 - Copy IMG_6680 - Copy IMG_6681 - Copy IMG_6682 - Copy

For its asking price this figure doesn’t really have much to offer. It would have been better if it came with parts to recreate its centaur form or its slightly altered appearance in the Paradise Lost movie. If scale doesn’t matter to you the smaller SIC Kiwami Tamashii figure might be a better option. It’s a regular release though it might be harder to find due to its age.


I realised while compiling pictures that my camera was afflicted with quite a number of hot pixels. I tried leaving my camera in manual sensor clean mode for a while and it seems to have alleviated the problem but I haven’t used it to take more pictures yet. Recently its autofocus function is also having trouble working unless the subject is really bright so most of these pictures were taken with manual focus. Sorry for the horrible image quality these days :p

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