SH Figuarts War Machine Mk 2

This was a Tamashii Web Exclusive release and is a redeco of the Iron Patriot figure which I’ve reviewed here so I’ll be skipping a lot of the details in this post.

IMG_6620 - Copy

IMG_6621 - Copy IMG_6622 - Copy

The package has the same theme as the other Age of Ultron figures.

IMG_6623 - Copy

IMG_6624 - Copy

Package contents. They are identical to the Iron Patriot and you still have to deal with swapping the hand guards when you change the hands.

IMG_6625 - Copy IMG_6626 - Copy IMG_6627 - Copy IMG_6628 - Copy IMG_6629 - Copy IMG_6630 - Copy IMG_6631 - Copy IMG_6632 - Copy

Overall views. It has a matte finish and a much simpler paint scheme compared to the gaudy Iron Patriot. It also lacks any stamp printed markings too.

IMG_6633 - Copy

Clear parts are used for the eyes and chest reactor but there are no coloured outlines around them.

IMG_6634 - Copy IMG_6635 - Copy IMG_6636 - Copy IMG_6637 - Copy

The feet are die-cast as usual.

IMG_6638 - Copy

I need a better stand with grips that can actually hold up the weight of a figure.

IMG_6639 - Copy

“Yes! Now this is gonna be a good story.”

IMG_6640 - Copy

“Yep. If you live to tell it.”

Actually I need a second stand.

IMG_6642 - Copy IMG_6643 - Copy IMG_6644 - Copy IMG_6645 - Copy

Since I lack a second stand I can’t recreate the airborne scenes featuring both War Machine and Iron Man.   IMG_6647 - Copy

IMG_6646 - Copy

Here’s a side by side comparison with the Iron Patriot. I have no idea why War Machine is slightly taller. It appears that the neck joint is longer.

IMG_6648 - Copy

An extra comparison with Iron Man Mk 45.

War Machine managed a few seconds of screen time allowing Bandai to spit out an easy redeco. With a simple paint job there are pretty much no noticeable mistakes on the figure. I expect that there would be no more Avengers figures planned in future though.


I’ve been having a busy few weeks recently, with business trips across the country and even one that lasted 4 days last weekend. This figure was released over a week ago but I wasn’t around to collect my copy and churn out this review in time. I still have a rather newly released item to review and I hope I can make it to put it up next week.


4 thoughts on “SH Figuarts War Machine Mk 2”

  1. Somehow I feel the mark 1 deserves the war machine name better than mark 2…
    The mark 2 just seems like it’s a powered down version of mark 1 with its slimmer proportion and lacks of visible weaponry

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