Super B-Daman Battle Phoenix

This is the third iteration of the protagonist B-Daman in the Super B-Daman series and introduces the Plug In System to the series. Like the protagonists in other B-Daman series, this is a power type.

IMG_5828 - Copy

IMG_5829 - Copy

There’s a label blocking the box art on my copy though heh.

IMG_5832 - Copy

Package contents. You get four runners, a fifth rubber runner containing one drive strip and 3 bags of metal parts including screws, two pairs of rivets and two metal shafts.

IMG_5833 - Copy

Assembly begins with the Cannon Suspension Shoulders which go on the arms. You have to secure the metal shafts to the orange shoulder pads using the included small rivets, pushing the rivets into place.

IMG_5834 - Copy

After that, springs are attached and the assemblies are mounted onto the arms using larger rivets.

IMG_5835 - Copy

The Circle Trigger is nondescript and contains 3 parts and a spring. The circle pad tends to get lopsided if you exert any sideways force while pushing the trigger, which happens a lot with this toy.

IMG_5836 - Copy

The body is assembled, starting with the New Delta System which contains a pair of Shooting Rollers and a small drive strip on the bottom.

IMG_5837 - Copy

The hold parts are mounted inside the body.

IMG_5838 - Copy

The arms and head are bolted on using screws.

IMG_5839 - Copy

There is an included hatch to hide the hole behind the head. The instruction manual says to reload marbles by pushing them into the body from the front. However the hold parts are just too tight so it’s much easier to just drop marbles from the back of the head.

IMG_5840 - Copy

The feet are one piece with a yellow locking latch.

IMG_5841 - Copy

Everything assembled.

IMG_5842 - Copy

Rear view.

IMG_5845 - Copy

With stickers applied.

IMG_5846 - Copy

Rear view.

Like I said in my previous Super B-Daman review, assembly is a little bit difficult for a kid-oriented toy. In this case, quite a bit of force is needed to push the rivets into place on the shoulders. As expected from its era, this guy is much more powerful compared to its modern counterparts. You can further increase shot power by pressing the orange shoulder pads inward as you fire but you might risk breaking the arms at the shoulders. This is because when no marble is chambered, there is nothing preventing the arms from breaking when you exert any force on the shoulder pads. Also, the small trigger pad of the stock Circle Trigger is a little inadequate for this guy as it requires a lot of force to fire a marble.

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