Super Customable Choro Q Toyota TS020

I never got any of the original Super Customable Choro Q toys because they seemed to have less interesting gimmicks compared to the later V2 toys. After taking a look at them online it turns out these older toys had a larger variety of bumpers being their main gimmick.

IMG_5890 - Copy

IMG_5891 - Copy

This toy comes with “Variable Twin Stabi-Breakers” and the “VX Chassis”. The earlier ones in the line had the blister glued to the cardboard backing. It’s also from back when the toys were based on licensed vehicles because they were all Japanese models.

IMG_5894 - Copy

Package contents. Four sparsely populated runners, with the body and the yellow runner being most likely the unique one between the toys. This toy comes with the Mad motor which has both high speed and endurance. The wheels on these toys cannot be changed unlike the successor V2 toys onward, and this one has Dunlop markings on the tyres.

IMG_5914 - Copy

The pegs on the yellow stabilisers were too tight and would have snapped if you tried to rotate them. I had to shave some material off to make the fit less tight.

IMG_5915 - Copy

The rear bumper can be mounted in reverse to change the position of the rollers making them slightly further back. However on my copy the pegs are too tight so I was unable to detach them after assembly. :p The silver accents on the bumpers don’t do anything.

IMG_5916 - Copy

The stabilisers are variable because you can mount them upside down like so. The instructions say this configuration is for “relay races”, but I have no idea why. They also say the default arrangement is for aerodynamic performance.

IMG_5917 - Copy

You’ll understand why the chassis has its VX name when you look at it from below. The cutouts reduce the chassis weight compared to the original chassis, which I don’t have at this point in time.

IMG_5918 - Copy

Compared to the chassis used in the V2 series which uses only a single part, this earlier chassis has two parts which can be disassembled like so, with a pair of forward-pointing pegs serving an unknown purpose.

IMG_5919 - Copy

Here’s a comparison between the newer chassis and the VX chassis. On the older VX chassis, the motor is mounted from above, while for the newer one the motor is mounted from below, and an included shim is needed if you use the slimmer Max series of motors.

IMG_5920 - Copy

The newer chassis is definitely much lighter for good reason. It’s also much easier to swap motors on the newer chassis as you don’t need to remove the body to do it.

IMG_5921 - Copy

I found a use for the forward-pointing pegs to turn it into a long wheelbase car, but it’s too long to run smoothly inside a track.

Unlike the V2 series of toys, the older line clearly shows its age, with the sparse parts count on the runners (compare them to the 4WD Revolution for example, which contains all its parts on the same number of runners) and the relatively simple gimmick and part designs.


7 thoughts on “Super Customable Choro Q Toyota TS020”

  1. so this the older version, I remember had one exactly like this years back which unfortunately broken quite bad i thought it was v2 😦 how about the battle deck one ? is it a different a line up ?

    1. Interesting. Could you share where you got this elusive piece of information from? I just assumed it was some kind of homage to the Mad Max movies.

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