SH Figuarts Thor

I’ve had a busy few weeks so today’s post came later than usual as I was rushing to complete it just now. Also for some reason my camera’s autofocus didn’t work most of the time so I had to manually adjust it which may have caused many blurry pictures. I have no idea whether it’s because it’s too dark, but I have been using the same setup for my pictures for quite some time.

IMG_6553 - Copy

IMG_6554 - Copy

The box is almost twice as thick compared to the usual boxes.

IMG_6555 - Copy

It’s to contain the cape.

IMG_6556 - Copy IMG_6557 - Copy IMG_6558 - Copy IMG_6559 - Copy IMG_6560 - Copy IMG_6561 - Copy IMG_6562 - Copy IMG_6563 - Copy

Overall views. Compared to the bulk of the torso, Thor’s arms seem a bit thin. The transition from soft red plastic on the shoulders to the rigid plastic cape is quite poorly done in my opinion. No idea why Bandai decided to design it this way rather than have the cape pieces on the sides be made of soft plastic and attach directly to the chest plate.

IMG_6570 - Copy

Thor only comes with one face and it’s not the stamp-printed type that the Star Wars figures are benefiting from.

IMG_6571 - Copy

You get replacement eye parts to make him look to the left or right, but the straight-facing and left-looking eyes look slightly downward.

IMG_6572 - Copy

On the other hand the right-facing eyes are looking a bit up.

IMG_6573 - Copy

The hair is made of soft plastic but is still too rigid and reduces articulation range.

IMG_6574 - Copy IMG_6575 - Copy

The torso is really bulky especially when seen from the sides. The paint job appears quite well-done.

IMG_6576 - Copy

The arms seem thin in comparison.

IMG_6577 - Copy

I forgot to remove the plastic wrapping in the waist.

IMG_6579 - Copy

Nothing much to say about the legs except that on my copy the leg joints seem a bit too loose for my liking. The feet are plastic.

IMG_6580 - Copy

There is not much of an ab crunch because the front armour pieces get in the way.

IMG_6581 - Copy

He can’t look up too much because the back hair piece gets in the way.

IMG_6582 - Copy

Due to the shape of the upper arms you can’t raise them as high or rotate the upper arms as much as other figures. The double-jointed elbows and conspicuous wrist joints offer a generous range of motion. There is also a forearm swivel.

IMG_6583 - Copy

You also get a shoulder swing joint.

IMG_6584 - Copy

The hips can extend but the lower skirt pieces get in the way of everything.

IMG_6585 - Copy

The figure can barely manage a kneel. The knees bend just above 90 degrees despite the double joints.

IMG_6586 - Copy

The cape is attached to the figure via a peg in the centre. The central cape part can lift upwards while the two side pieces can both lift upwards and swing side to side.

IMG_6587 - Copy

Mjolnir is intricately sculpted and is made of plastic.

IMG_6588 - Copy

Replacing the hammer head on the replacement handle/hand combo allows you to recreate flying poses.

IMG_6589 - Copy

I don’t have any lightning effect parts with me though.

IMG_6590 - Copy IMG_6591 - Copy IMG_6592 - Copy IMG_6593 - Copy IMG_6594 - Copy

It’s a bit awkward to pose Thor in his flying pose as his eyes are looking down and he can’t raise his head much too.

IMG_6595 - Copy IMG_6596 - Copy

Combination attack with Captain America.

IMG_6597 - Copy IMG_6598 - Copy

I didn’t get a Hulk figure to expand my Avengers team, though hoping the other characters also get their own figures seem like a stretch.

Like most other human-shaped figures in the line, Thor has a less realistically-proportioned sculpt which might have worked in his favour due to his Asgardian origin, but his arms ended up looking a bit thin. Due to his hairstyle there’s no avoiding the limited head articulation. While I have no complaints about the quality of the paint job, I feel like Thor seemed to receive the short end of the stick with fewer accessories compared to Captain America.



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